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Open19 and the Dawn of Vapor Edge Computing

Editor's Note: Today, Vapor IO and four other partners, including LinkedIn, Flex, GE Digital and HP Enterprise, announced their collaboration to establish the Open19 Foundation, an open community that will define data centers of the future. The past decade has been...

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Announcing: Vapor Edge for Telecom

There are over 100,000 cell towers in the US. If you count billboards, rooftops and other small cell sites, the number climbs to over 200,000. Most of these sites are concentrated in urban areas, though cell towers are really everywhere, including in our rural areas....

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Introducing Vapor Edge

Today we introduced Vapor Edge, an end-to-end platform for building out edge environments. This is a major milestone for Vapor IO, as we take a huge step forward in realizing our vision of data-driven data centers and bring to market a suite of technologies that help...

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Mark Musselman Joins Vapor IO

Jumping Into the Vapor Mark Musselman is Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Vapor IO, where he leads the company’s partnerships and its enterprise sales team. Mark comes to Vapor IO with over 20 years experience at both early stage and mature...

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The Mission

Our mission: Our vision, from inception, has been to build a data driven data center company. We live in a world of data, and we use this data to make physical systems more efficient and effective. We have anti-lock brakes that make us better drivers, converting...

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Currency-Based Scheduling in DCOS

    In my previous post (“Software is Eating the Data Center”), I discussed the fact that a modern data center should function and appear to users as a large computer that runs various workloads.  The work Vapor is doing to integrate OpenDCRE into DC/OS to provide...

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