Introducing the Kinetic Edge Alliance

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Feb 13, 2019

One of the things we frequently hear is that there’s no one place to go, to really do edge.

That is all changing. Today, Vapor IO has announced the Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA), a partnership led by Vapor IO that includes Deployment Partners — Federated Wireless, Linode, MobiledgeX, Packet and StackPath — and Technical Partners — Alef Mobitech, Detecon International, Hitachi Vantara, New Continuum Data Centers, Pluribus Networks, and Seagate Technology.

The Kinetic Edge Alliance brings together these 12 leading edge computing companies, each with their own unique expertise and solutions, to create platforms and recipe books for wide scale deployment of edge. The Alliance combines real-world critical infrastructure deployments with the expertise and technologies to make large-scale edge computing a reality.

Nationwide Rollout

The KEA is rolling out critical tower-connected infrastructure for edge computing across the top 30 US metro markets. By the end of 2020, the Alliance expects to reach nearly 50% of the nation’s population. This year, in 2019, the Alliance will focus on the first six Kinetic Edge markets: Chicago, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle. Chicago, the first Kinetic Edge city, has two Kinetic Edge sites online today with a third coming online later in Q1.

Two Types of Partners

The Kinetic Edge Alliance sports two types of partners: Deployment Partners and Technical Partners.

Deployment Partners have committed to collaboration on rolling out equipment and services across the top 30 US metro markets, beginning with the first six in 2019. By combining the technologies of its deployment partners, the Alliance ensures a uniform infrastructure platform that makes edge computing not just practical but predictable, scalable and reproducible in the real world.

Technical Partners support Kinetic Edge deployments and enhance the edge computing ecosystem by making their unique expertise and technologies available to Kinetic Edge deployments, collaborating with end users and supporting Deployment Partners as they go.

In addition, Alliance members have access to a global networking community and will be able to participate in Alliance member projects, which include the creation of strategic content and interworking with the State of the Edge project, helping to advance that group’s vendor-neutral educational mission with their valuable expertise and insight at the edge.

Powered by the Kinetic Edge

The foundation of the Alliance is Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge, an infrastructure architecture that uses software and high-speed connectivity to combine three or more micro data centers that ring a metro area into a single logical data center. For developers and operators, it presents a geographically-dispersed collection of micro data centers as a single virtual facility with multiple availability zones.

Driven by our practical experience, purpose-built edge colocation technologies and strategic insight, the Kinetic Edge is the platform for the next-generation internet, allowing the Alliance to deploy edge computing on the ground, benefitting real partners, operators and users now.

This powerful combination makes the Kinetic Edge Alliance, powered by Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge platform, the driving force behind real-world edge computing that does more than look good on paper by providing practical recipes for edge computing deployment on the ground.


Matt Trifiro


Matt Trifiro is the Chief Marketing Officer of Vapor IO where he leads the company’s global marketing, branding and communications efforts. Matt is an expert in edge computing,Co-chair of the State of…
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