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Our innovations deliver the edge

Building out at the edge requires software and hardware innovation. The edge is a harsh environment. It’s distributed, hard to reach, hard to power, and hard to cool. Space is limited. Security is remote. You can’t use at the edge what works fine in the core.
Vapor IO Technologies

When it didn't exist, we invented it

Rearchitecting the internet at the edge has required us to design new types of modular data centers, new kinds of software, and new approaches to networking. We’ve become experts in remote monitoring and autonomous operations. We’ve had to approach resilience from a software perspective. And we’ve had to build and operate networking and interconnection services that rival the tier 1 networks but operate at a fraction of the cost.
Vapor IO Technologies

Our innovations fall into four broad categories of technology:

Data Centers

The facilities that house equipment are critical to the deployment of compute, storage and network equipment at the edge. We had to design compact, power efficient, multi-tenant modular data centers that met our unique requirements.

Interactive Tools

As edge colocation and networking systems become more numerous, more complex and more distributed, we need new kinds of tools, like our Kinetic Grid Portal, for planning and support.

Networking & Interconnection

In the world of edge computing, data is copious, flexibility is key, and microseconds matter. To deliver the essential edge networking, at sufficiently low cost, we had to design our own optical fiber backbone and the SDN software to run it.

Autonomous Ops & Telemetry

Activity at the edge is increasingly real-time, demanding automated systems that can respond to changing conditions. In this emerging world, the infrastructure must be intelligent and data driven—that’s why we created the Synse open source telemetry system, to enable autonomous operations.

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The State of the Edge

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