Edge-to-Edge Interconnection

Interconnection was meant to be local

Data wants to travel on the most efficient route, but that’s only possible if networks interconnect in edge locations. Today’s core-centric internet forces data back to regional data centers to cross-connect to other networks. Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge Exchange (KEX)—part of the Kinetic Edge Platform— allows interconnection to happen in any location at the edge, making data pathways more efficient.

Cross-Connect at Machine Speed

Create and remove cross-connects at machine-speed, reconfiguring networks routes in response to real-time events.

Automate interconnection with real-time telemetry

Respond to events presented via real-time telemetry with software-driven interconnection.

Network-to-Network exchange at every location

Virtualized interconnection eliminates the need to backhaul to dedicated exchange facilities.

All-You-Can-eat Interconnect

Because the Kinetic Edge Exchange is built into the Kinetic Grid Platform, unlimited cross-connects are included in the price.

Edge-to-Edge Interconnection

No Trombone Zone

Avoid the performance delays caused by cellular and cable systems tromboning out to centralized or regional facilities in order to cross connect before returning back to the edge. These legacy configurations lead to increased latency and network congestion as data is forced to travel longer distances and pass through centralized hubs. With the Kinetic Edge Exchange, networks can cross-connect and set up edge interconnection or exchange data in locations that are microseconds from the wireless base stations or cable headends, both reducing backhaul and improving performance.

Route diversity improves performance & reliability

Network conditions can change in expected and unexpected ways. Fiber lines can get cut, routers can go offline, usage spikes can drive up congestion. Having multiple network paths, or route diversity, is one of the best ways to keep your network operating at its highest possible performance. If one route degrades or goes offline, other routes can be turned up with programmatic cross connects to alleviate the congestion or mitigate the failure.

From anywhere to everywhere

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge Exchange provides interconnection across public and private networks, making it possible to route data across networks you control, as well as onto public and private networks, such as those offered by local service providers, national and international transit providers, as well as the private networks and cloud onramps of the various cloud providers.

Intelligent, autonomous machine connectivity

The Kinetic Grid platform combines real-time telemetry data feeds with network cross-connect APIs, making it possible to perform real-time analysis and programmatically implement routing decisions based on live conditions. Such a closed-loop system can deliver high levels of reliable performance without human interventions

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