Edge-to-Edge Colocation

Repeatable deployments in high-performance locations

Vapor IO builds and operates clusters of automated micro data centers adjacent to fiber intersections and last mile networks in dozens of US cities, all connected by metro and national, edge-to-edge backbones. Deploying equipment in Pittsburgh is exactly the same as in Dallas—and in every other Kinetic Grid city—allowing you to perfect your deployment model once and repeat it in every location.
Edge-to-Edge Colocation

Availability Zones Spanning the Metro

Unlike traditional data centers, which occupy one location in a monolithic way, Vapor IO’s micro data centers are distributed across the metropolitan area and stitched together with a local backbone network. This metro-distributed model allows for sub-millisecond latencies in support of timing-critical applications such as 5G and O-RAN. This configuration also makes it possible to build distributed resilience by distributing traffic and workloads across adjacent facilities and using high-availability principles to maintain uptime.

Autonomous, Lights Out Facilities

Kinetic Grid data centers operate without people on site and can be controlled remotely and autonomously.

Easy, Repeatable Deployments

Easily deploy at scale by leveraging consistency in facilities across geographies.

Distributed Resilience

Reduce risk and increase resilience by distributing workloads and traffic across facilities so there is no single point of failure .

Infrastructure Designed For Devops

Programmatically control infrastructure using real-time telemetry that enables autonomous operations

Latency-Driven Topology

Carefully chosen locations and fiber runs deliver low-latency connections to last mile networks and nearby premises.

Edge-to-Edge Colocation

Engineered Specifically For Edge

Vapor IO designs, deploys, owns and operates all of its Kinetic Grid micro data center facilities to ensure reliable operations and consistent deployments. Developed for extremely high capacity and operational efficiency, Vapor IO’s data centers deliver hyperscale performance in edge configurations—often in remote locations with harsh environmental conditions.

Edge-to-Edge Colocation

Security Is Built-In

Vapor IO’s micro modular data center colocation services are offered in single-tenant and multitenant configurations. Depending on the configuration, customers can lease facilities in quarter-rack or single-rack increments and be guaranteed physical and logical separation from other tenants. Each facility is ballistically rated, remotely monitored and designed to withstand a level 5 hurricane.

Certify once, deploy everywhere

We deploy micro data centers built in a factory to very exact specifications, which means your team can certify each design once and be guaranteed uniform facilities across markets. This makes it fast and easy to expand into new markets and new locations without on-site inspections. Each data center model offers familiar capabilities and consistent features.

Supporting autonomy with telemetry

The Kinetic Grid provides real-time data feeds that provide up-to-the-millisecond status of critical infrastructure—from the condition of battery backup systems to trends in network congestion, provided via the open source Synse platform. Applications, orchestration systems and operational systems can process these data feeds and make contextually-rich, intelligent decisions about where to place workloads and how to route traffic in order to maintain the desired levels of latency and resilience.

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