Introducing our Hivelocity


Providing bare metal servers, custom built servers, GPU servers and the API automation controls to enable code controlled infrastructure scaling. Hivelocity provides the first fully-integrated hardware and software system for edge colocation, exchange and networking services.
Introducing our Hivelocity

What does the Hivelocity partnership bring to Vapor IO customers

Vapor IO’s platform significantly lowers the cost and complexity of deploying nationwide edge services by offering co-location, networking and interconnection services which have been pre-integrated and which are located in areas not normally serviced by internet backbones. Customers bring their hardware and software onto the Kinetec grid and the edge services.

Hivelocity provides the compute infrastructure for our customers that would rather abstract away from the hardware layer all together. For those customers who prefer not to procure, deploy and operate their own server hardware, Hivelocity provides a great opportunity to focus on the software layer while utilizing the compute infrastructure services that Hivelocity can provide.

Introducing our Hivelocity

True edge-to-core

Hivelocity, and Vapor IO have collaborated to showcase an edge-to-core bare metal platform for developers to deploy edge-to-core workloads on Hivelocity’s bare metal edge cloud, across the Kinetic Grid. Vapor and Hivelocity together provide a multi-tier edge deployment across Vapor markets with the Kinetic Grid.
Introducing our Hivelocity

Real world deployment

One of the first customers to use Hivelocity’s bare metal cloud at the Kinetic Grid is AlefEdge, which is deploying a private wireless mobile edge computing platform nationwide. AlefEdge and Vapor IO demonstrate their collaboration to roll out AlefEdge’s Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME), which makes it possible to deploy edge computing services onto private networks, including existing LTE, CBRS and Wi-Fi networks, as well as forthcoming 5G networks. The combination of Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid infrastructure, Hivelocity’s bare metal cloud and Alef Edge’s SD-ME platform provides the critical architecture to support enterprise customers with ‘near-prem’ requirements for ultra-low latency and high bandwidth services.

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