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The edge data center


Vapor IO provides the hardware and software building blocks to deploy and operate next generation data centers at the edge of the network.

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The Era of Edge Computing has Arrived

The cloud as we know it is changing. Billions of connected devices generating petabytes of data will demand nearby cloud resources to deliver new low-latency applications. Whether powering IoT, self-driving vehicles, augmented reality, smart cities or next-generation telco C-RAN, Vapor IO builds the hardware and software to bring about this new era.

Vapor Chamber Stats

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Reimagining Data Centers on the Edge

Edge data centers require new designs and new philosophies for housing and operating IT equipment. Built from the “cloud down” (rather than from the “raised floor up”), Vapor IO’s unique portfolio of products are optimized for the edge, making deploying and operating edge data centers easy and cost-effective.

Vapor Chamber

A cylindrical racking system with integrated airflow and monitoring systems designed to house up to 135 kW of IT gear in a 9 foot diameter space. Its unique blend of patented technologies make it the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to deploy 100s of kilowatts of data center capacity in edge locations.

Vapor Edge Module

A self-contained “all in one” micro modular data center with integrated cooling, power, and IT space, designed for multi-tenant and remote operations. It’s prefabricated in the factory, delivered in one piece and can be deployed on a concrete pad or structural piers. Its unique turntable design and IT isolation systems make it perfect for edge colocation.


Edge data centers require real-time telemetry from critical systems in order to run autonomically and provide for remote operations. OpenDCRE is the world’s first open source software platform for monitoring, managing, and automating data center operations. Vapor IO products and “edge native” applications interact with OpenDCRE APIs in order to observe and respond to real world conditions.

Want to learn how Vapor IO can accelerate your edge?

Software is Eating the Data Center

At Vapor IO, our team has spent over 3 years developing the software necessary to control and manage edge data centers—not 5 or 50 locations, but 50,000 or more. We’ve spent years working with customers on what challenges they are facing at the edge, becoming software-driven bridge builders, not wrench-turning box builders. There will always be physical infrastructure, but software will drive edge innovation.

What Kinds of Companies Deploy Edge?

Our customers work with us to deploy and operate thousands of micro data centers in edge locations. Typical customers include:


Infrastructure operators

Add data center capacity to the edge of your networks.


Land and Building Owners

Maximize real estate assets.


Colocation Providers

Deploy micro data centers in edge locations.


Public Cloud Providers

Quickly build up an edge footprint to deliver premium services and IoT.


Content Delivery Networks

Expand into new markets and deliver lower-latency services.


Private Enterprises

Support autonomous driving, IoT, high frequency trading, etc.

Looking for Colocation at the Edge?

Not everybody wants to build, own and operate their own data centers. Many customers want to deploy their own IT gear into edge data centers owned and operated by another party. That’s why we’ve created Project Volutus, the world’s largest collection of multi-tenant data centers at the edge of the network.

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Open19 and the Dawn of Vapor Edge Computing

Editor's Note: Today, Vapor IO and four other partners, including LinkedIn, Flex, GE Digital and HP Enterprise, announced their collaboration to establish the Open19 Foundation, an open community that will define data centers of the future. The past decade has been...

Latest Vapor Press Releases

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Distributed resilience via intelligent software and edge module data centers enable large scale edge deployments Austin, Texas – December 13, 2017 – Vapor IO, the definitive platform for edge clouds, today announced Vapor Kinetic Edge™, a technical architecture for...

Why Vapor IO

We combine expertise in data center design, construction and operations with distributed systems software in order to help customers deploy and operate data centers that are highly distributed, impressively efficient, and remotely operable.

Partner with us to build out your edge strategy and unleash better customer experiences, new classes of applications, and new revenue streams.

The Future of the Cloud

“The cloud of the future will extend past today’s large, centralized data centers. The next generation cloud will follow your car. It will follow your phone. It will follow your sensors. It will be distributed and data driven and everywhere.” — Alan Bock, Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy, Crown Castle

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