Elevate Your Edge

Behold the power of the near-premises edge

We’ve cracked the code of delivering new services to enterprises, and it’s called the near-premises edge. We partner with the world’s largest clouds, CDNs, telcos and cable MSOs to create a rich marketplace of services that let enterprises reduce their reliance on in-house IT while helping service providers and last mile networks build new revenue streams.

Accelerate time to market and simplify the operation of your multi-market edge deployments with our Kinetic Grid infrastructure.

Telcos and Cable MSOs

Deliver edge services over your network

Unlock revenue by delivering high-performance services that rival the capabilities of on-premises clouds. Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid provides turnkey enterprise services for delivery over last mile networks, creating new streams of revenue for wired and wireless network owners.

Clouds and CDNs

Host your cloud at the near-premises edge

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid brings cloud and CDN services to the edge of the enterprise premises, delivering unprecedented performance and security. Unlock new revenue streams by delivering near-premises services over local last-mile networks.


Trade your on-prem for near-prem

Tap into the new class of near-premises services delivered via the Kinetic Grid, including smart retail, smart factory, smart warehouse, private 5G, and hundreds of other pay-as-you-go services with cloud economics and no servers on site.

Providers of Private 5G

Cloud economics meet on-premises 5G

If you're your customers are stymied by the on-premises cost private 5G, use the Kinetic Grid to deliver a pay-as-you-go service. By placing the CU/DU on the Kinetic Grid, you just add radios on the premises to expand the private network.

Innovative Municipalities

Be the smartest of smart cities

The Kinetic Grid is a partner with forward-looking cities, upgrading city services while stimulating entrepreneurial activities, and fueling economic growth.

Use Cases

A few examples of the platform’s power

Telco Cloud

Content Delivery

Private Wireless

Edge Cloud

Local Breakout

Cloud IoT

Edge Interconnection

Service Resilience


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