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Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge™ platform delivers edge colocation, edge exchange, and edge networking services in top metropolitan markets, delivering the internet infrastructure required by next-generation applications and 5G.

The Edge Is A Network Problem

New devices, networks and applications such as autonomous vehicles, city-scale IoT and new generations of intelligent content delivery need dense edge data center colocation resources to support their low-latency performance requirements, as well as their cost and flexibility needs. Bringing compute, storage and network resources to the edge solves for data gravity, as more and more data is generated and digested at the network edge, closer than ever to its users.

But edge colocation alone isn’t enough. The edge is a network problem, requiring an entirely new approach to internet infrastructure. That’s why Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge also incorporates unique SDN-based edge exchange and edge networking technologies, eliminating unnecessary latency between user and application to create the next generation of internet infrastructure, as well as the leading ecosystem of companies shaping the edge in the Kinetic Edge Alliance.

Edge Exchange

The Kinetic Edge Exchange is where direct, network-to-network data exchange happens as close as possible to end users and devices. Applications and networks on the Kinetic Edge can exchange data and peer without leaving the Kinetic Edge, working in conjunction with existing Internet Exchanges (IX) for internet-bound traffic. With the Kinetic Edge Exchange, customers and tenants may configure fine-grained and automated interconnection agreements without any per-agreement or per-connection fees.

Edge Colocation

A cornerstone of the Kinetic Edge is Vapor IO’s highly-secure data center facilities for deploying IT equipment at the edge of the wired and wireless networks. With several facilities distributed in key locations across each major metropolitan area, Kinetic Edge colocation makes it easy to place IT equipment one hop from the last mile networks, as close to your users as possible. Each site is networked together, creating a single city-scale virtual data center with multiple availability zones for the ultimate in software-defined high availability architecture.

Edge Fabric

The SDN-based Kinetic Edge Fabric provides each customer with a virtual private network that can span an entire metropolitan area, connecting to both Kinetic Edge and third-party availability zones. This unique network makes it possible to treat all of your infrastructure in a city as if it were in the same building and on the same network, even if it spans dozens of edge locations. Vapor IO maintains redundant high-capacity fiber routes between all Kinetic Edge sites, as well as to third-party facilities for optimal flexibility and performance.


The Kinetic Edge is the world’s platform solving for the edge that combines edge exchange, edge data center colocation and edge network infrastructure. Join us and be a part of the next generation of internet infrastructure, whether as a customer or a partner.

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Whether you are building new edge-native applications, extending traditional applications to the edge, or building the new 5G networks of tomorrow, the Kinetic Edge is your ideal foundation.

Get in touch with us to see how you can build the future at the Kinetic Edge.

The Kinetic Edge is the ideal foundation for a virtualized 5G network, across the RAN and 5GC.


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Whether you are a cloud provider looking to offer virtual machines and container services at the edge, a wireless operator looking to virtualize your network and implement a 5G VRAN, or any other kind of enterprise looking for an edge solution—we’ve got you covered.



CDN and cloud services can drastically improve their overall performance and lower their data transport costs by getting as close to their users at the edge as possible using the Kinetic Edge.



It’s not all about wireless; wireline network operators can also benefit from the edge exchange, edge colocation and network infrastructure abilities of the Kinetic Edge to offload and transform.



The Kinetic Edge was designed as the foundation for 5G and modern 4G networks using V-RAN and NFV. MNOs and MVNOs can reduce their capital costs and readily deliver new services.



Meeting the exploding demand for edge computing means leveraging physical real estate, as well as wired and wireless infrastructure. Let the Kinetic Edge help monetize your assets.

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