Advancing Enterprise 5G and Industry 4.0 with ITRenew

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Aug 03, 2021
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Announced today, Vapor IO has teamed up with ITRenew to accelerate the adoption of 5G and Industry 4.0 applications. The companies are lowering the cost and reducing the complexity of enterprise digital transformation initiatives by replacing on-premises data centers with near-premises offerings, starting in five cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Pittsburgh. 

5G and Industry 4.0 applications will unlock trillions of dollars of economic growth for US industries. Yet, transformation to these new platforms has been slow, held back by the cost and complexity of deploying and operating these systems. Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform offers edge-to-edge intelligent infrastructure that can deliver hyperscale-grade services to within microseconds of an enterprise’s facilities. ITRenew’s Sesame compute and storage solutions deliver flexible, turnkey infrastructure on demand that reduces complexity, costs and time to value, while accelerating sustainable growth at the edge. This near-premises solution offering means that enterprises within a 10-mile radius of Kinetic Grid facilities can realize all the benefits of an on-premises data center and hyperscale servers without having to own or operate either.

Enterprises interested in 5G and Industry 4.0 transformation, especially in a post-COVID world, are faced with the cost and operational challenges of building and managing their own hyperscale-like data centers. New applications require high-end servers with sophisticated networks capable of running sophisticated AI and robotics workloads. Most enterprise IT departments are ill-equipped to support these new technologies. By offering these capabilities as services delivered from nearby managed facilities, enterprises can have all the benefits of on-premises data centers without the cost and complexity.

The combined offerings from ITRenew and Vapor IO make it possible to replace on-premises data centers with integrated near-premises services, lowering the cost, risk and complexity of implementing 5G and Industry 4.0 capabilities. The solution, which will first be available in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Pittsburgh before expanding nationwide, combines Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid colocation, networking and interconnection services with Sesame by ITRenew’s advanced, sustainably-sourced compute and storage systems.

Near-premises is an emerging trend in enterprise IT, which has always had to balance the benefits of on-premises services with the capital and operational costs required to build and maintain them. Traditional cloud solutions are inadequate for many enterprise applications because they lack on-premises data security and cannot support low-latency applications, such as factory robotics. 



By leveraging Sesame by ITRenew solutions in nearby Vapor IO Kinetic Grid data centers, enterprises can achieve all the benefits of on-premises compute without the need to build and operate data centers, networks and servers on-site. The combined near-premises solution offers sub 1ms of discrete and predictable latency between the Kinetic Grid and customer premises, making it possible to power even the most sophisticated AI, data analysis and factory robotics in real time.

Vapor IO is on pace to build out the largest and most efficient edge infrastructure and network in the country, and partnering with a company like ITRenew, an organization that has the only sustainable hyperscale technology available at large scale, leads us to deliver unparalleled convenience, density, TCO and sustainability. 

Together we’ve built an “easy button” for enterprise customers to adopt 5G and industry 4.0 solutions with a faster time-to-market and faster time-to-value than any other model, across connectivity, infrastructure and IT solutions. 


Matt Trifiro


Matt Trifiro is the Chief Marketing Officer of Vapor IO where he leads the company’s global marketing, branding and communications efforts. Matt is an expert in edge computing,Co-chair of the State of…
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