State of the Edge 2018: Avoiding Edge Computing’s Tower of Babel

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Jun 27, 2018

State of the Edge Report 2018

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How many times have you been in a conversation about edge computing where you find yourself bogged down around the most basic questions such as, “What is edge”?

According to legend, the citizenry of Babel failed to build a tower that reached the heavens because they no longer spoke a common language. The ancient story of Babel offers a parable for today’s edge computing ecosystem: in building our next generation internet, we must avoid balkanizing the language of edge computing, creating many competing definitions, lest we succumb to the same fate as the mythical city.

To move our industry forward, we must strive for a common language around which we can build a shared understanding of edge computing.

Today, Vapor IO, along with a small handful of key contributors in the edge ecosystem, have launch the State of the Edge, a collection of collaborative projects which include the following:

    • State of the Edge 2018 Research Report: A nearly 100 page research report overseen by independent analysts from Structure Research and Edge Research Group, this report documents the industry’s best thinking in edge computing. Envisioned as a yearly report with interim updates, the State of the Edge is not just a document, but a movement.
    • Edge Computing Landscape: Inspired by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Cloud Native Landscape, the State of the Edge collaborators have launched a similar database and visualization of all the companies, projects and organizations in the edge computing ecosystem. By organizing the landscape in a GitHub repo, we welcome contributions from individuals and organizations that have the appetite and interest.
    • Open Glossary to Edge Computing: Originally just an appendix to the State of the Edge 2018 research report, the Open Glossary to Edge Computing has been spun out as its own open source project under the stewardship of The Linux Foundation. All of the glossary entries and definitions are stored in a GitHub repo where anybody in the ecosystem can submit issues and create pull requests that help shape the glossary and improve its accuracy.

The State of the Edge founders—Vapor IO, Packet, Ericsson UDN, Arm, and Rafay Systems—welcome additional participants, contributors and supporters. If you have interest in participating in upcoming reports, submitting guest posts to the State of the Edge Blog, assisting with the landscape or improving the glossary, feel free to jump right in and create an issue or a pull request in the GitHub repos or, for a deeper conversation, reach out to us at


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Matt Trifiro is the Chief Marketing Officer of Vapor IO where he leads the company’s global marketing, branding and communications efforts. Matt is an expert in edge computing,Co-chair of the State of…
The State of the Edge

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