The Viewport to Your Deployment

Kinetic Grid Portal

The Kinetic Grid Portal provides an Interactive tool to plan, and monitor and operate the network, hardware and workload deployments for every micro data center edge node from any browser.
Kinetic Grid Portal

A map-based interface that streamlines your work

The Kinetic Grid Portal transforms data center and network operations by providing a visual and interactive tool for planning, observation and maintenance of Kinetic Grid deployments. It provides a window into Kinetic Grid deployments, with detailed up-to-the-minute information about specific facilities and network routes.

Zoom the map in or out and turn layers on or off to see Vapor Edge Module (VEM) locations, Internet Exchange (IX) points, Fiber routes, and nearby hyperscale and cloud data centers.

Kinetic Edge Portal

Networking configuration and intelligence

Port level controls and activity logs make it easy to configure and track changes in the network. Telemetric thresholds can monitor power, latency, and port congestion, triggering rules for moving workloads or rerouting traffic. Open API’s can integrate with orchestration engines to combine business rules with real-time telemetry to schedule or migrate workloads to the best edge locations based on actual performance and other conditions.

Kinetic Edge Portal

24x7 remote data center monitoring with automated intelligence and controls for maintenance

The Kinetic Grid Portal provides a real-time dashboard for observing equipment in Vapor IO data centers and analyzing operational telemetry, such as HVAC status, temperature, humidity and backup battery conditions. Use the portal to track activities as well as schedule maintenance and remote hands support.

Kinetic Edge Portal

Billions of telemetric data points enable automation and intelligent orchestration

Real time telemetry accessible through open APIs provides additional intelligence for implementing intelligent workload placement to optimize services delivery or to maintain a continuity of operations. Vapor IO’s telemetry infrastructure built with the open source Synse system collects real time data and log files to be used by algorithms and AI for customizing and optimizing system uptime and quality of service.

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