Vapor IO Once Again as Leading Innovator in the 2021 GigaOm Radar for Edge Colocation

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Sep 09, 2021

Each year, analyst firm GigaOm evaluates companies that offer edge colocation services and then publish their findings in a Radar for Edge Colocation report. GigaOm has proven over the years to be one of the most innovative analyst and research firms in the market. Their researchers track the coolest innovations in technology, including edge colocation, and their reports help IT decision-makers evaluate vendor offerings.GigaOm has released their latest 2021 Gigaom Radar for Edge Colocation report, which features Vapor IO as the market leader. This is the second radar report in the edge colocation series and it provides a tremendous snapshot of the edge market. It is a must read for the edge aficionado.

The most striking visual in the report is the GigaOm Radar, a chart which plots vendor solutions across a series of concentric rings, with those set closer to center judged to be of higher overall value. 

As you can see in the 2021 GigaOm Radar, Vapor IO is considered, by far, the most innovative and best overall solution—beating out juggernauts such as Equinix and SBA.


Vapor IO is deserving of these overall rankings because of our highly-innovative Kinetic Edge® architecture and Kinetic Grid™ platform. We are in the process of deploying our platform in 36 top U.S. Markets, and our first six strategic cities (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Pittsburgh) are available for customer deployments.

Each Kinetic Edge market provides the essential middle-mile infrastructure to enable a new generation of applications, while serving as interconnection hubs for national and global reach. Our Kinetic Edge Exchange (KEX) provides machine-speed cross-connection capabilities, connecting networks on our platform to each other through a software-controlled API—whether that’s for global routing via partners like DE-CIX or for cloud on-ramps via networks like AWS Direct Connect.

The Kinetic Edge uses custom software and high-speed connectivity to create a mesh of micro data centers in a market and combine them to behave as a single logical data center. Tightly integrated with public and private first and last mile networks, the Kinetic Grid platform supports software-driven, real-time applications operating between locally distributed sites, capable of supporting the sub-100 microsecond latencies required by 5G RAN and other services. 

Vapor IO has also built a nationwide fiber backbone to connect all 36 Kinetic Edge markets with an SLA-backed transit services, offering the lowest-cost, most performant way to move data from one Kinetic Edge market to others. The Kinetic Grid backbone helps Vapor IO customers increase resilience with diversified routes while also supporting latency-sensitive workloads. 

Vapor IO’s unique approach to internet infrastructure provides end user customers, as well as service providers, a cost-effective combination of services not available from any other company. We can build a near premise offerings to take advantage of shared infrastructure to lower costs, decrease latency, and increase resilience. Our team can work with you to certify a design approach and implement a solution anywhere across the Kinetic Grid to implement and exceed your organization’s specific technical needs.

We are proud of our recognition in this year’s GigaOm report. We set ourselves apart from our would-be competitors with a unique combination of tightly integrated colocation, intelligence, networking, and interconnection. Our top-to-bottom integration of these capabilities sets us apart from both newcomers and traditional legacy solutions. Stay tuned.


Matt Trifiro


Matt Trifiro is the Chief Marketing Officer of Vapor IO where he leads the company’s global marketing, branding and communications efforts. Matt is an expert in edge computing,Co-chair of the State of…
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