Introducing the Open Grid Alliance

Vapor IO is a founding member of the Open Grid Alliance

“The Internet was built from the core out. Now we need to rebuild it from the edge in,” said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of edge infrastructure company Vapor IO.
Introducing the Open Grid Alliance

Benefits of the Grid

The alliance will accelerate a decades-long journey of innovation at all levels of the stack, from fiber optics to workload automation. The Grid will provide a platform to control, secure, orchestrate and automate workloads that will enable the next generation applications and devices that will transform our lives. By creating an intelligent grid plattform, developers and companies will be able to provide services that are not possible with the current internet we have today.

The Open Grid is for everybody; it will only emerge from deep industry collaborations, and that’s why we formed the Open Grid Alliance.
Kinetic Edge Colocation

Why Vapor IO is joining the grid

We want to align thought-leaders, technologies and investments to bring forth applications that simply cannot be delivered on the Internet we have today.

As part of its charter, the OGA will embrace technologies that distribute the economics and flexibility of the cloud through the network edge all the way to the end users themselves, making it possible to build new classes of applications that support billions of intelligent devices, the data that they generate, and the new networking infrastructure that underpins their seamless operation.

The OGA will define key principles for the Open Grid and identify interoperable technologies that adhere to those principles. The OGA will promote collaboration and open architectures that will enable the dynamic geo-distribution of workloads. As a founding member of OGA, Vapor IO is excited to build the next generation of the internet

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The State of the Edge

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