Kinetic Grid Platform

Vapor IO is creating the foundation for the next generation internet

The internet evolved from the core out, but today’s applications need it to operate from the edge in. Vapor IO’s software-driven Kinetic Grid platform delivers hyperscale-grade modular data centers, core backbone networks, and virtualized interconnection built from the edge in, and connected edge-to-edge.
A Grid that Goes Everywhere

The world's first edge-to-edge platform

The Kinetic Grid is the only platform that connects edge-to-edge and combines edge exchange, edge transport and edge colocation into a single, integrated, software-driven platform. Join us and be part of the next generation of internet infrastructure, whether as a partner or a customer.
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National fiber routes
Customer Ready



19.44 MW

Power Capacity

30,027 mi

Private Fiber Network


Edge Interconnection Sites

Intelligent Infrastructure

Intelligent, software-driven, edge-to-edge infrastructure delivered as a service

The next generation of applications and services will require autnonomous, intelligent infrastructure built from the edge in, not from the core out. Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform brings hyperscale-grade networking and interconnection to the edge of the last mile networks with hundreds of highly-distributed micro modular data centers. The platform delivers API-driven infrastructure in edge locations that seamlessly combines high-performance in-market and market-to-market backbones with edge interconnection and colocation across 32 US markets, offering truly intelligent edge-to-edge infrastructure for next-generation applications.

The Kinetic Grid Platform

Edge-to-Edge Everything

The Kinetic Grid platform delivers a nationwide system of intelligent data center and networking infrastructure that delivers edge capabilities in specific markets along with backbone-connectivity between markets — all in support of next-generation applications.

Edge-to-Edge Intelligence

Highly-automated, software-driven systems provide real time telemetry, contextual analysis, and control

Edge-to-Edge Interconnection

Virtualized interconnection for hyper-local network exchange in edge environments

Edge-to-Edge Colocation

High-density micro modular data centers provide a consistent edge deployment model across markets

Edge-to-Edge Networking

In-market and market-to-market backbones provide software-defined connectivity edge-to-edge
The Kinetic Grid Architecture

Based On The Award-Winning Kinetic Grid® Architecture

Vapor IO’s award-winning architecture forms the technological foundation of the Kinetic Grid platform. Engineers at Vapor IO customize the Kinetic Grid for each market, taking into account specific geographies, population centers, and fiber routes to offer low-latency colocation and connectivity in service of first and last mile networks and nearby premises. Each Kinetic Grid market becomes part of a nationwide Kinetic Grid via private fiber backbones that connect across markets, offering built-in edge-to-edge capabilities. Learn more about the Kinetic Grid architecture
Nationwide Private Backbone

Edge-to-edge backbone powered by Zayo dark fiber

All Kinetic Grid markets connect to each other by virtue of a dedicated, private backbone powered by Zayo dark fiber. Zayo, owner of one of the world’s leading fiber networks, provides the Kinetic Grid with dedicated dark fiber strands that Vapor IO then “lights” with customized PAM4 optics to provide carrier-grade backbones to Kinetic Grid customers. Vapor IO incorporates these long-haul backbones into its software-defined network, allowing customers to provision customized, dedicated, and flat L2 networks across as many sites and markets as needed.
Unequaled Total Cost of Ownership

Lower the cost and complexity of your edge strategy

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform lowers the cost and complexity of edge deployments by providing an on-demand, intelligent, flexible system of edge infrastructure that can be consumed as a service. We save our customers time and money by taking on the capital risks, construction complexities, and ongoing maintenance of critical edge infrastructure. Our customers bring their own servers and their own applications, and they can scale as they grow, paying only for what they need.

Consistent Deployments

Once a solution is built and deployed in its first market, it can be repeatedly deployed in all markets. The Kinetic Grid platform provides a physical and logical architecture that operates consistently across markets. The facilities, networking and APIs are the same in every market, making it possible to Integrate once and deploy everywhere.

Designed for Autonomy

Kinetic Grid customers can automate operations. Software-defined telemetry provides real-time information to contextualize and automate activities, such as load balancing of network traffic, optimizing workload placement, and automating resilience through software-based high-availability. Kinetic Grid customers can build an automated workload solution using open APIs that integrate with Vapor IO’s software-controlled platform. Real-time metrics let software systems place workloads across strategically-located servers to deliver high-performance applications, including those that must be within microseconds of customer premises, wireless towers, cable headends and mobile devices.

Lights Out, Remote Operations

All of Vapor IO’s systems are designed to be operated with only minimal human intervention. Software-defined systems and open API’s allow Vapor IO to remotely operate the critical infrastructure in programmatic ways. The Kinetic Grid platform has been designed for automated observation and control. These cost savings are passed on to customers.

Shared Infrastructure

Modern, cost-efficient deployments depend on shared infrastructure. Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid has been designed from the ground-up as a multi-tenant offering. This allows for substantial economic efficiencies as customers avoid the costs and complexities of construction, permitting, and maintenance. The economics of shared infrastructure has also allowed Vapor IO to invest in hardware, software and automation technologies, the costs of which can be amortized across a large base of customers. Vapor IO can invest in the Kinetic Grid broadly, something which is difficult to justify with one-off deployments and bespoke projects.

Supporting the Vision of the Open Grid Alliance

The Open Grid Alliance envisions an Open Grid that combines all the necessary components to support the next generation of applications that require an internet built from the edge in. It is the purposeful integration of hardware, software, networking, and infrastructure technologies that stretches across the globe to support multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, near-premises and on-premises services via fungible resources that are employed, when and where they are needed, on demand, and with guarantees and SLAs. We built the Kinetic Grid platform as the ideal data center, networking and interconnection infrastructure for Open Grid initiatives.

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