Near-Premises Delivers On-Premises Capabilities with Cloud Economics

Leverage Vapor IO’s INZONE as an alternative to on-premises IT infrastructure. Because of a unique opportunity to provision data center, security and networking solutions in nearby facilities rather than on-premises. INZONE’s near-premises neutral host solutions can meet or exceed the performance of on-premises deployments while avoiding a lot of the associated costs and complexities.  INZONE will transform enterprise IT and help usher in the next level of productivity with Industry 4.0!

Overcoming the middle mile

The Challenge of On-Premises

A business that requires on-premises capabilities has historically faced large capital expenses for data center facilities and IT equipment, as well as the ongoing expense of maintaining a mature technical operational staff. To further connect these on-premises facilities to other data centers or hyperscale clouds requires building out, at a high cost, the dedicated networking capabilities.  Typically costs are prohibitive to these businesses and services are limited to the shrinking budgets.   High costs have stagnated the Industry 4.0 journey.

Enterprises weakest link is the middle mile, both costs and technical talent have limited the success and technology services needed for advanced telemetry and real time AI inference processing.  Focus is then shifted to core services, and limited automation growth.

Economic advantages of INZONE

Economics of INZONE solving the Middle mile challenges

Enterprises face cost challenges that require specialized employee talent to build out the physical network connections and manage the data centers to cross the middle mile divide.  Costs are extensive as distance between the enterprise target facilities and the regional IX and backbone IX data centers needed for resilient operations.

Vapor IO INZONE provides the right economics for enterprise businesses with a neutral host and multi-tenant solution offering.  Rather than high costs in connecting enterprises to the Regional data centers, as well as costly and challenging dedicated solutions.  Alternatively business can have economic success at cloud infrastructure, however distances can limit the data processing.  INZONE provides low latency cost effective solutions with the right economics for enterprises to fulfill a need that no other solution can provide when factors of cost and complexity. Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform delivers “near-premises” options for enterprise workloads. The Kinetic Grid platform delivers on-premises security and performance (sub 100 microseconds latency) with cloud economics. Enterprises that have started their cloud journey can now unlock the last of their on-premises workloads by moving them to near-premises locations on the Kinetic Grid.

The Internet today, as well as the optionality that enterprises face provide centralized and people driven technology.  The services performance is slow and costly between a centralized core and facilities.

Vapor IO INZONE provides economic advantages to extend On promise to Near premise and fill the middle mile gap to the internet backbone.  INZONE leverages Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid architecture, which locates neutral-host infrastructure near high-density industrial zones.  Enterprises within an INZONE can leverage Open Grid technologies to implement Industry 4.0 solutions—including private 5G, IoT, video analytics, smart retail, and cloud robotics among others.

Economic advantages with INZONE

VAPOR IO INZONE builds the Middle mile and enables Near Premise connectivity

Vapor IO Inzone provides near premise solutions for enterprises to transform application service needs such as 5G, real time video analytics, as well as advanced artificial intelligence for Industrial 4.0.  Near premise provides the foundation for network and compute services to operate near enterprises with microsecend latency and data sovereignty.  The solutions provide a solution to extend On premise solutions without the high costs and without the complexities for networking to the network core backbones.

Out of the box the Inzone will immediately provision a secure private network that is highly resilient and extends a geography distributed flat network.  The Inzone will then enable cloud solutions locally such as AWS, as well as bare metal cloud solution providers.

With the INZONE, enterprises can pull down production ready deployments for private 5G networks and replace the traditional cumbersome WIFI services. Advanced real time inference engines can easily be deployed on the Near premise solutions, as enterprise can now add on additional complex inference analytical engines to quickly process automation technologies directly into the enterprise without the limitations in On Premise or traditional cloud.

Evolution of Distributed Workloads

The INZONE and the Grid provide an opportunity for application development to transform computational processing and increase resilience at a lower cost than traditional centralized cloud solutions.

Phase 1
Distributed workloads hosted in geographically dispersed locations

Phase 2
Define Thresholds to move workloads to new location if conditions are not met

Phase 3
Preemptive workload migrations move before failures

Phase 4
Prioritise workloads (ie emergency systems verses consumer applications)

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