Edge-to-Edge Intelligence

Intelligent, autonomous infrastructure

The Kinetic Grid platform delivers the contextualized telemetry and programmatic controls necessary to build highly-automated systems. Applications, operational tools and orchestration systems can make intelligent, algorithmic and AI-driven decisions that dynamically reconfigure the Kinetic Grid in highly-automated ways, in real time, without human intervention.

Automated Digital Infrastructure

It's time to transform digital infrastructure into an automated factory

Edge data centers and networks are like factories for computation. Bits move through digital assembly lines to be ingested, transformed and analyzed. The Kinetic Grid platform offers API access to its networking, colocation and interconnection infrastructure, enabling software systems to monitor conditions, troubleshoot operations, and optimize workload placement based on real world conditions.

Real-time data feeds

The Kinetic Grid platform presents customers with time-series data feeds that deliver real-time contextual information about the critical infrastructure

Open source protocols

No lock-in from proprietary protocols. The Kinetic Grid Platform uses open APIs, the Synse open source telemetry system, and other open source tools to provide data and control.

Full transparency

Vapor IO commits to offering the industry’s highest level of transparency into the status of critical infrastructure so that you can always make the best decisions.

Programmatic controls

The Kinetic Grid platform offers APIs and other points of integration on which partners and end users can build automation.

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In support of modern workloads

Next-generation applications need to be responsive to their environment and operate with consistency, predictability and resilience. The only way to do this at machine-speeds is to have a closed-loop system that matches application demands with real time data and resource availability. Vapor IO has been a pioneer in creating and distributing the informational data streams that allow application and orchestration systems to make real-time placement decisions, such as to optimize workload location or remediate and route around problems.

Complete Readiness Workshop

Much of today’s digital infrastructure relies on the outdated model of physical redundancy to achieve reliability. In these legacy systems, physical infrastructure — fiber optic strands, HVAC systems, backup batteries, and so on — are duplicated and held in a ready state in case of a failure. Not only is this an inefficient use of capital, it also has no place at the edge where physical space is at premium (what little space exists at the edge is much more valuable when used for compute and storage).

The Kinetic Grid platform has been built from the ground up to support software-backed high-availability, a profoundly more powerful and efficient model of resilience. In software-backed high-availability, orchestration systems (like the open source Kubernetes or the commercially-offered VMware Telco Cloud) are configured to ingest real time data from the Kinetic Grid. These systems constantly monitor real world conditions to identify and predict failures, then enact proactive and reactive responses to those failures.

To support high-availability, each Kinetic Grid market has geo-distributed colocation facilities with redundant fiber routes. Each Kinetic Grid facility can be treated as a software availability zone, enabling the assignment of active and standby roles across a region.

Open Source Tools

Making Synse of Infrastructure

Vapor IO developed Synse, the world’s most open telemetry system for critical infrastructure and has contributed it to open source to make it a standard. The more systems that utilize Synse, the greater the interoperability of grid technologies and the more power that can be placed in the hands of the customer to make decisions about how their application should react to real time changes in infrastructure conditions.
Features of Synse:

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The State of the Edge

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