Introducing the Kinetic Edge Alliance

Kinetic Edge Alliance

An alliance of industry-leading companies collaborating to make designing, deploying and operating edge computing easy.

Real-World Edge Computing

The Kinetic Edge Alliance

Edge computing will deliver the next wave of network and data center infrastructure, vital to support 5G, autonomous vehicles and many other exciting technologies and applications. To meet the needs of the future, our industry must collaborate. We must bring together all of the products, platforms and expertise needed to help make operators and developers successful with edge deployments. The Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA) is an industry working group dedicated to making edge computing easy and connecting stakeholders with end users and customers.

Real-world deployments

With a reference architecture created from the products and expertise of its members, built atop the foundation of the Kinetic Edge, the alliance helps organizations design, deploy and operate edge computing in the real-world.

Joint Solutions

KEA partners and their customers benefit from being part of joint solutions for edge computing, where unique products and expertise can be brought together for the benefit of end users, customers and other companies to show true value at the edge.

Global Networking Community

The KEA brings together the leading companies in edge computing, creating a global networking community where members can discuss, share and collaborate.

The benefits of the Kinetic Edge platform

The Kinetic Edge converges edge exchange, edge colocation and edge networking into a nationwide network that empowers application developers to build new applications that take advantage of the locality and cost benefits of the edge, and enhance existing applications.

Kinetic Edge Alliance

Improved delivery of content and data

By pushing dense compute and storage to the edge of the wireless and wireline networks, cloud providers and CDNs can vastly improve their ability to deliver content and data. Placing servers and storage closer to users and devices reduces latency; distributed nodes reduces congestion.

New edge applications

Emerging applications are enabled by the Kinetic Edge, including high-speed mobile gaming, autonomous driving, untethered AR/VR and Industrial IoT. Support large amounts of traffic and stringent latency targets with edge traffic offload to your partners, all with the Kinetic Edge.

New cloud and CDN services

Offer premium-priced products that utilize edge resources, including edge VMs, edge container services and new serverless functions on the edge. Build edge nodes into complex multi-stage toolchains for IoT, data ingestion and data delivery that lower your costs and boost performance.

Ready to Work with You

The benefits of kinetic edge

The next generation of applications and services require internet infrastructure built from the edge in, not from the core out. That’s the Kinetic Grid. It’s an intelligent, software-driven edge-to-edge platform specifically designed to support national and local services operating within microseconds of customer premises, wireless towers, cable headends and mobile devices.

Bring Your Cloud Or CDN Closer To The Edge

Extend the cloud everywhere to overcome congested and sparse connectivity

Lower The Cost Of Your 5G Rollout

Multi-Tenant infrastructure transforms CAPEX to OPEX, and accelerates the rollout

Deploy A Private Network

Portal and API access to network automation rather than physical remote hands

Extend Your Premises To The Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Edge

Revolutionary solution compared to the limited and expensive traditional offerings

Improve The TCO Of Your Iot Or Edge Initiative

Easily control and deploy the network resources to control your IOT and edge needs

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