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Vapor IO is building the foundation for the next-generation internet.

Founded by industry veterans with deep domain expertise in edge computing, high-performance networks, data centers and infrastructure management.

Vapor IO provides the industry’s first nationwide network truly solving for the edge, combining edge exchange, edge colocation and edge networking. The Kinetic Edge enables new and innovative edge-driven applications at unprecedented levels of performance, and reduces the cost requirements for CDN, cloud and network operators through its innovative capabilities.

What Drives Us

As the world moves towards a new era of applications dominated by AR, VR and autonomous driving, our current centralized internet infrastructure can’t keep up. To make these applications practical, not just possible, we knew we needed the Kinetic Edge. Vapor IO is dedicated to building out the Kinetic Edge as a nationwide network solving for the edge, using our purpose-built technologies to create the foundation for the next-generation internet.

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