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Vapor IO is building the cloud of the future.

Founded by industry veterans with deep domain expertise in data centers, open source and infrastructure management.

Vapor IO provides the industry’s first intelligent, hybrid and edge data center solutions. Significantly lowering capex and opex costs when building and running data driven data centers, Vapor IO provides integrated hardware and software solutions to hybrid and edge clouds. Eliminating complex structures and parking lot data centers, Vapor IO offers a true intelligence platform for modern data center workloads.

What Drives Us

As the world moves toward the augmented reality, virtual reality, autonomous driving and the Internet of things, data centers must be viewed as a distributed collection of resources that evolve to address the changing requirements of these new workloads. Large, centralized data centers need to be extended with hybrid and edge technologies that can be remotely monitored and operated. At Vapor IO, we’re passionate about creating the truly disaggregated data center, a well-connected but intentionally decoupled IT system.

The Vapor IO Team

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