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Trademark Guidelines

Vapor IO, Inc. (“Vapor”) considers its intellectual property, including trademarks, service marks and logos, (collectively, “Marks”), as well as other works of authorship that are eligible for copyright protection, some of our most important corporate assets, so we have some guidelines for using them. You may not use any of our Marks without our prior written permission and, when such permission is granted, you must comply with the following guidelines, as well as applicable laws. It is important that you review these guidelines before you publish any content about Vapor or our products or services. To seek permission prior to publishing anything about Vapor or using our Marks, please email

General Usage:

Vapor relies upon U.S. and foreign registrations and common law (unregistered) rights to protect its Marks and uses the appropriate symbols to indicate the status of these Marks. A trademark, trade name or service mark is an assurance to customers and prospects that they are buying genuine and quality products and services from a known company. In the case of registered Marks, you should acknowledge them and indicate their status by including a registered trademark or service mark symbol (® or ® SM), as applicable, after the first or most prominent instance of the Mark within the material.  For trademarks that are not registered, you should use the common law trademark symbol (™) after the first or most prominent instance of the Mark’s use in the material. These guidelines help protect our rights by ensuring consistent use of the Marks when you have permission to do so.

Guidelines – Do’s and Don’ts:


1. Use Vapor Marks to clearly identify an associated Vapor product or service. 2. Use the appropriate symbol for trademark, service mark or registered trademark (™, ℠, or ®) the first or most prominent time a Mark appears in any printed material.
  • As of the date of these guidelines, you should use the following symbols with the following Vapor Marks: Vapor®, Kinetic Grid®, Kinetic Edge®, Kinetic Grid Alliance, Synse, Data.Driven®.
3.Correctly and consistently identify the Mark, representing it the same way each time, in the format provided by Vapor, without abbreviation or modification.
  • For example, if a mark is represented in all capital letters, you should consistently use all capital letters when referencing that mark. This has the desired effect of emphasizing that the term is indeed a trademark or service mark, not merely another word in the text.
4. Use the Mark as a proper adjective, not a noun or verb, followed whenever possible by the common descriptive name (noun) of the product or service it modifies. A mark is a company brand name, not a product or service itself. (e.g. “Synse™ open source software;” “Vapor® grid colocation services;” “Kinetic Grid® network architecture”).
  • Capitalize the Mark, not the generic product name.
5. Clearly identify Vapor as the owner of our Marks (see below for credit line requirements).


1. Use any Vapor Marks in any advertising creative or printed copy, including in any social media, without our express written permission.

2. Use any Vapor Marks in a way that suggests or implies partnership, sponsorship or affiliation with Vapor, including in any social media, without our express written permission.

3. Use any Vapor Marks or make any representation to indicate something is “authorized,” “approved”, “certified,” or “endorsed” by Vapor without our express written permission.

4. Modify or alter any Vapor Marks in any way or use any similar trademark, domain name or logo that imitates or could be confused with any Vapor Marks.

5. Combine or incorporate any Vapor Marks, or anything confusingly similar, into any other trademark, service mark, logo, company name, product name, publication name, conference title, domain name, username, social media account name, or any other source identifier.

6. Use any Vapor Marks as a common descriptive adjective, nor as a verb.

7. Use any Vapor Marks in plural form or in the possessive.  

  • A trademark or service mark is a proper adjective, it is a name for a particular type of thing or service, not the thing or service itself and thus cannot possess anything, such as attributes.  (Incorrect: “The KINETIC GRID’s advantage is low latency”). Only the generic product or service which the trademark modifies can possess anything. (Correct: “An advantage of the KINETIC GRID® network architecture is low latency”).

1. File a trademark or servicemark application file a trademark application anywhere that is identical to, contains, or is confusingly similar to a Vapor Mark.
2. Use any Vapor Marks in any way that is vulgar, obscene, disparaging, defamatory, libelous, or otherwise unlawful.
3. Infringe on Vapor’s intellectual property or other rights or violate applicable laws.

Logo Usage and Websites

You may use only approved duplicates of the Vapor logo or product logos, directly obtained from Vapor. Vapor will not approve the use of substitute materials, or approximations of our designs or materials that do not meet our graphic standards for quality. The Vapor logos may not be used in any manner that would imply that your company or any goods or services provided by your company are sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Vapor. You may not display the logos in any manner which suggests that your product is a Vapor product, nor in any manner which suggests Vapor or any Vapor Marks is a part of your product name. You may not use any Vapor Marks or logos in any of your materials, including advertising, product packaging and promotional materials, without our express prior written consent in each instance. The Vapor logos cannot appear larger and/or more prominent than your own trade name, service name, product name or trademark on any materials produced or distributed by your company. 

A note about tradenames:

When used as a trade name to refer to our business, the “Vapor” Mark may be used alone as a proper noun. However, when used as a brand in connection with a product or service, the Vapor® Mark should be distinguished from the words surrounding it and followed by reference to the generic product or service that it modifies, consistent with the above guidelines.

For journalists and the media:

Check out to get the latest or reach out to:

Vapor IO, Inc.
Publicity Inc.
Building Four, Ste. 250

Legal Matters

For legal questions regarding our Marks, please reach out to

Vapor reserves the right to object to unfair uses or misuses of its Marks or other violations of applicable law and will take appropriate action to protect its Marks, as permitted under state and federal laws of the United States, or similar laws or other jurisdictions, if you fail to comply with the above guidelines.

All uses of Vapor’s Marks must be accompanied by a credit line at the end of the document, including notice of whether the Mark is federally registered. The standard format to use is:

Vapor®, Kinetic Grid®, Kinetic Edge®, Synse™, Data.Driven® are trademarks of Vapor IO, Inc., all rights reserved. Other third-party marks referenced herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

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