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Vapor Edge Modules

The only modular data centers built for the Kinetic Edge.

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Designed for Edge

Each all-in-one Vapor Edge Module was designed for edge locations. These unique designs support up to 180 kW of critical IT load and operate in harsh environments—the base of a cell tower, the floor of a parking garage, and other equally exposed, challenging locations.

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Built for Multi-Tenancy

The economics of edge computing benefit from shared infrastructure. Why build an entire data center when you can lease what you need? Each Vapor Edge Module provides secure co-location for all tenants as part of the Kinetic Edge.

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Remotely Operable

Built-in software for autonomic operation and remotely accessible APIs means Vapor Edge Modules require no on-site staff. Vapor IO’s software can maintain thousands of Kinetic Edge sites from a central operations center.

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Deploys in Minutes, not Months

Factory-assembled and tested, Vapor Edge Modules go directly from the shop floor to the site, making it the most flexible and cost-efficient way to build and operate data centers at the edge of the wireless and wireline networks, all on the Kinetic Edge.

The Fastest Way to Deploy at the Edge

Building out Kinetic Edge capacity to serve customer demand requires the ability to deploy new sites quickly. Data centers often take months or years to deploy, whereas Vapor Edge Modules arrive on a semi-trailer, are easily craned onto a concrete pad or piers, and can be made operational in less than a day. Vapor Edge Module supports up to 180 kW of critical IT load and provide for more than 30 separate physically- and electronically-isolated tenant zones. Each Vapor Edge Module utilizes Vapor IO software for autonomic operation, remote lights out maintenance, and programmatic API-driven control, hosting standard 19” IT equipment.

Vapor Edge Modules are a key part of the Kinetic Edge. Their purpose-built construction and edge-focused design allow Vapor IO to deploy Kinetic Edge sites wherever and whenever possible.

Multi-Layer Security, Designed for Unsupervised Access

Edge locations cannot cost-effectively support on-site personnel, so the Vapor Edge Module was designed to provide unsupervised access, protecting against unauthorized users with more than four layers of security.


Exterior access controls prevent unauthorized entrance to the service alcove where only authenticated personnel may access equipment.


Inside the VEM 150 IT equipment residing in the Vapor Chamber is secured behind a metal wall.


The Vapor Chamber within a VEM 150 rests on a motorized turntable. When authorized personnel authenticate themselves, the Chamber rotates to the correct rack position and provides access to authorized racks via an opening in the service alcove.


Video cameras mounted on the exterior and interior can record all activity and transmit real time footage to a network operations center (NOC).

Adaptive Cooling

Location and climate play an important role in determining which cooling strategies are best for each environment. The strategy you use to cool a data center in Florida will be very different from the strategy you use to cool a data center in North Dakota. Each Vapor Edge Module utilizes patented HVAC technology from BasX that seamlessly adapts to any climate, requires no outside water and rivals the efficiency of cooling in hyperscale data centers.

No Sharp Corners

Each Vapor Edge Module is built around a specially-designed Vapor Chamber with up to eight standard 19” IT equipment racks, and a software-and-sensor-controlled cooling system. Inside the VEM 150, the Chamber resides behind a security shield, resting on a motorized turntable. As tenants authenticate, the Chamber rotates to present the exact locking rack to the authorized service person.

Engineered for the Edge

Vapor Edge Modules radically improve upon the efficiency and deployability of traditional micro modular data centers, making them a core component of the Kinetic Edge.


Extensively Engineered

Designed using computational fluid dynamics, each Vapor Edge Module has unmatched cooling performance and space utilization. The outer shell is weather-hardened for harsh locations, and the factory-assembled and tested modules are customized at the factory and deployed at each site as a single, highly-reliable unit.


Multi-Tenant at the Edge

A single Vapor Edge Module can accommodate up to 32 separate tenants. Each tenant’s IT equipment is physically and electronically isolated behind four layers of access-controlled security. Requiring no on-site personnel, each tenant can only access their equipment.


All-in-one, Flexible

The self-contained Vapor Edge Modules incorporate critical data center systems, including power distribution, cooling, fire suppression, security, and racks for standard 19” IT equipment. Vapor Edge Modules also benefit from the world’s most advanced cooling system, built using BasX patented technologies as used in hyperscale data centers.



Each Vapor Edge Module continuously monitors nearly 100 sensors for pressure, temperature, and other real-time conditions. Sensor data is stored and processed by the on-site Vapor Edge Controller, which makes autonomic adjustments, optimizing cooling and energy consumption without any human intervention.

A Complete System

Vapor Edge Modules are a complete system of hardware and software technologies developed by Vapor IO, finely-tuned to work in concert to efficiently house, protect and cool IT equipment in Kinetic Edge environments.


Completely self-contained; incorporates all of the key critical systems: power distribution, cooling, security, fire suppression, and racking systems for IT equipment.


Factory-assembled, factory-tested, deployed as one unit.


Weather-hardened for the most extreme locations.


Can be installed in a day and be placed directly on a concrete slab or structural piers.


Can accommodate up to 32 tenants and up to 180 Kw of critical IT load (VEM 180).


A key part of the Kinetic Edge.

Managing & Monitoring


Provides a web-based platform for planning and managing your Kinetic Edge deployments. This is your all-in-one tool for operating at the edge.


Use our Remote Hands service to send skilled personnel to any of our Kinetic Edge locations. Our technicians will perform remote work at your direction, whether it’s hand rebooting a machine or swapping out a server.


Monitor and control your equipment and its environment with our APIs. Build automated operational tools to troubleshoot and respond to real-time conditions. Integrate with tools such as Slack and PagerDuty to send alerts that flag irregularities to your team for analysis and response.

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