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Put the world in context with Synse

The open source API for making environmental data actionable in the network and data center
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The Universal API for Data Centers

Synse provides a universal mechanism for monitoring and controlling all of the devices in a data center, from networking equipment to servers. Every Kinetic Edge data center has one or more Synse server instances capable of monitoring everything from room temperature to congestion on the Radio Access Network (RAN), making it easy to understand the state of the environment.

Using Synse to dynamically move a workload to support a moving drone in real-time.

100% Open Source

No licensing fees and freely available source code make Synse easy to adopt. Join the open source community to collaborate on enhancements, bug fixes and new plugins.

Infinitely Flexible

Built to support an infinite variety of plugins, Synse integrates with both new and legacy devices. A freely-available SDK makes plugin authoring a breeze.

Remote Monitoring

Use Synse to remotely monitor sensors and equipment in data centers. Designed to scale to thousands of devices and locations, Synse is ideal for operating at the Kinetic Edge.

Remote Operation

Synse provides for plugins that support command and control capabilities. Common commands include rebooting a device or configuring an operating mode based on environmental cues.

Remote Monitoring and Operations

By deploying a Synse server, installing the proper plugins and connecting to the sensors and equipment you get a complete, real-time view of all your equipment and the ability to control it remotely. Synse can be operated standalone or it can be integrated with existing DCIM standards, such as IPMI and SNMP.

Intelligent Edge-Native Applications

Developers building edge-native applications or services can use real-time Synse data to make orchestration and workload placement decisions. For example, an application can monitor real time latency and infrastructure health in each Kinetic Edge location and use this data to make workload placement and migration decisions that optimize for real-world, real-time conditions.

Growing Library of Plugins

The Synse community has already developed plugins for popular equipment standards, including SNMP, IPMI, Modbus TCP/IP, and Intel AMT. New plugins are easily built using the Synse SDK, and the community is working to build out dozens of popular integrations.

Synse Components

Synse Server An HTTP server providing a uniform API to interact with physical and virtual devices via plugin backends. This can be thought of as a front end for Synse Plugins.
Synse SDK The official SDK (written in Go) for Synse Plugin development.
Synse Server gRPC The gRPC API that is used for bidirectional communication between Synse Server and the Synse Plugins.
Synse CLI A tool that allows you to easily interact with Synse Server and Plugins directly from the command line.
Synse GraphQL A GraphQL wrapper around Synse Server’s HTTP API that provides a powerful query language enabling simple aggregations and operations over multiple devices. It also provides a Prometheus exporter for the metrics it gathers.
Synse Plugins Standard plugins include SNMP, IPMI, Intel AMT and Modbus TCP/IP. A growing library of community-developed plugins can easily be created using the Synse SDK.

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