Vapor IO Wins Leading Lights Award for Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy

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May 15, 2018
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The company’s Project Volutus combines edge data centers with wireless infrastructure to deliver the next generation cloud needed for 5G, IoT, autonomous driving and other edge applications

Austin, Texas – March 27, 2018 – Vapor IO,the leader in edge computing and edge data centers, has won Light Reading’s 2018 Leading Lights Award for the Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy. The company’s Project Volutus, launched in June 2017, deploys highly-distributed micro data centers at the base of cell towers and in Distributed Antenna System (DAS) hubs. The project delivers a platform for edge computing by placing micro data centers at the edge of the last mile Radio Access Network (RAN), then meshing them together into technical architecture for city-scale edge computing that is called the Kinetic Edge.

Through Project Volutus, Vapor IO is building the world’s largest network of distributed edge data centers, enabling cloud providers, wireless carriers and web-scale companies to deliver cloud-based edge computing applications via a network of micro data centers integrated into the wireless infrastructure.

“We’re proud to be the winner of the very first Leading Lights award for edge computing strategy,” said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO. “With Project Volutus, Vapor IO is bringing datacenter-scale computing to the edge of the wireless network, accelerating the rollout of 5G as well as powering the next generation of applications, including IoT, driverless cars, autonomous robots, augmented reality and services for the emerging smart city.”

The first Project Volutus Kinetic Edge city, Chicago, is online now. The company expects to have its services live in three cities by the end of 2018.

Project Volutus deploys edge computing deep into the urban infrastructure, building micro data centers literally at the base of cell towers and wireless access hubs, integrating them into the wireless infrastructure and tying them all back to centralized clouds. This edge infrastructure will support new applications, such as 5G, autonomous vehicles, AI and augmented reality, which require cloud workloads that run at the very edge of the network where they can be near the data and devices they support. Project Volutus has the potential to be the world’s largest network of distributed edge data centers.

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Vapor IO is building the cloud of the future by delivering a suite of hardware and software for edge computing and operating the fastest-growing edge colocation business known as Project Volutus. The company’s technology enables highly-distributed micro data centers to be embedded in the wireless and wireline infrastructure, colocated with the last mile or Radio Access Network (RAN), and meshed together with software and high-speed fiber as part of the company’s Kinetic Edge, a technical architecture for city-scale edge computing. For additional information, please visit


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