Vapor IO Unveils General Availability of OpenDCRE

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Nov 18, 2015
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Vapor IO Unveils General Availability of OpenDCRE

Open source platform for server and rack management now available for download

Austin, TX – November 18, 2015 – Vapor IO, provider of the world’s first intelligent, hyper modular data center solution, today announced the general availability of Open Data Center Runtime Environment (DCRE), the company’s open source platform for data center rack and server management. OpenDCRE is now available for download and has already generated support from partners such as Future Facilities and Romonet.

Vapor IO is on a mission to modernize today’s data center and earlier this year announced the world’s first truly hyper collapsed, disaggregated  data center solution to the market. OpenDCRE was created by Vapor IO to simplify data center infrastructure communication. The solution exposes current generation interfaces to data center operators, system and devops administrators, thereby simplifying the programming needed to start automating the physical infrastructure itself. OpenDCRE is being released as an open source alternative to proprietary interfaces and custom silicon. This ensures that when a user interacts with their data center, they are communicating over a community owned interface and standard. OpenDCRE is designed to support any data center environment including traditional 19″ as well as HPE Cloudline and other OCP platforms. In optimal conditions, OpenDCRE replaces the need for a BMC, out of band management switches, and cabling overhead potentially saving users thousands of dollars per rack. Additional features of the product include SSL support, analog sensor and power control all communicating over a simple RESTful API.

“Data centers have proven to be nothing short of problematic,” said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO. ”This is primarily due to poorly integrated systems, legacy software and hardware, and the disjointed approach the industry takes to building out data center environments. As IT prepares to support edge based computing, it is imperative we manage and orchestrate our infrastructure as a whole with no prejudice as to where or how many data centers are employed to support our workloads. This is a large feat and we’re thrilled to have support from partners like Future Facilities and Romonet as we move forward.”

Early Traction

While the technology has only been evangelized for a short period of time, and to a traditionally risk averse industry, OpenDCRE has garnered support from a number of industry heavy weights. In an effort to extend the API, the company is actively seeking additional partners and users to drive contributions to extend the feature set and make OpenDCRE the most flexible and easy to use API for data center management.

“For 10 years, Future Facilities has been providing engineering simulation to the data center industry. Ours is a predictive system that can simulate any scenario to help maximize the performance in terms of efficiency, capacity usage, and resilience,” said Jonathan Leppard, COO at Future Facilities. “One of the main challenges has been gathering reliable data from disparate systems and devices that do not share the same interface and feeding back actionable data. We support OpenDCRE because we believe such an open environment will enable any hardware and software to communicate, the only way to achieve effective management and automation of data centers.”

“Romonet has long believed that data center power, cooling infrastructure, IT hardware and applications must come together to eliminate inefficient interface boundaries,” said Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of Romonet. “Additionally, the industry needs a system processor and operating system that is able to manage such a tightly coupled system, taking advantage of predictive and simulation modeling. OpenDCRE provides that operating system and enables the evolution of the data center to meet the challenges of the 21st century marketplace head on.”

For more information, and to download OpenDCRE, please visit

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Vapor IO provides the industry’s first intelligent, hyper modular data center solution. Significantly lowering capex and opex costs when building and running data driven data centers, Vapor IO provides an integrated solution to integration problems. Eliminating complex structures and parking lot data centers, Vapor IO offers a true intelligence platform for any data center workload. For additional information, please visit


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