Vapor IO Launches Open MistOS to Disrupt Antiquated Top-of-Rack Management Solutions

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May 12, 2015
Vapor IO Launches Open MistOS to Disrupt Antiquated Top-of-Rack Management Solutions Company announces the world’s first open source data center management operating system.

Austin, TX – May 12, 2015 Vapor IO, provider of the world’s first intelligent, hyper modular data center solution, today announced Open MistOS (OMOS), a new Linux distribution that provides top-of-rack (TOR) management capabilities for data centers. Open MistOS works in conjunction with Open DCRE to enable a completely open source out of band management suite.

“Given the current movement to disaggregate the rack, servers have become components of a larger system, rather than discrete units,” said said Chris Drake, Research Director at DatacenterDynamics Intelligence. “The movement towards mapping rack components into Open MistOS is forward-thinking, enabling rapid and intuitive development of management, monitoring and orchestration products, as well as extending the DevOps ecosystem to the data center itself.”

In March, Vapor announced it’s Open Data Center Runtime Environment (DCRE), the first accepted contribution to the Open Compute Foundation, and Vapor CORE™, which extends Open DCRE functionality by introducing an intelligence layer on top of Open DCRE. With Open MistOS, Vapor can now act as a gateway within the data center management network, mapping inbound connections to server serial consoles and enables further development of the data center.

Key features of Open MistOS include:

  • Vapor CORE API access: Open MistOS includes Vapor CORE API components for rapid deployment and integration with management, monitoring and provisioning services.

  • Bare metal support: Open MistOS includes support for bare metal provisioning and firmware updates through the device tree.

  • Automatic discovery of other Open MistOS TOR OOB management devices: Open MistOS includes a built-in discovery service that automatically detects other Open MistOS instances, allowing for quick and easy deployment, discovery and integration into the data center management fabric.

  • Docker and Open vSwitch support: Open MistOS brings Docker and Open vSwitch support on Raspberry Pi, allowing for TOR containerized deployment and management of applications.

“Companies are tired of investing in proprietary technologies that ultimately lock them into a platform for years,” said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO. “The industry has time and again shown its fervent appetite for open standards and interfaces that guarantee freedoms not offered by legacy vendors. With Open MistOS, we are guaranteeing that freedom.”

Vapor will be providing live demonstrations of Open MistOS, along with Vapor CORE and Vapor Chamber™ at OpenStack Summit Vancouver, taking place May 18-22. The company will be showcasing the products in the StackStorm booth, T17, and StackVelocity booth, S10.

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For more information on Open MistOS, as well as to learn more about how Vapor IO is bringing new capabilities to the world of IT with a focus on simplicity and efficiency, please visit or email

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Vapor IO provides the industry’s first intelligent, hyper modular data center solution. Significantly lowering capex and opex costs when building and running data driven data centers, Vapor IO provides an integrated solution to integration problems. Eliminating complex structures and parking lot data centers, Vapor IO offers a true intelligence platform for any data center workload. For additional information, please visit

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