Bringing Pervasive AI to the City of Las Vegas

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Aug 29, 2023
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Vapor IO has just announced an expansion to its relationship with the City of Las Vegas to bring real-time AI to what is arguably the smartest of Smart Cities.

The collaboration between the city and Vapor IO will leverage Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid® platform to deliver pervasive AI, private 5G, computer vision, and other IoT (Internet of Things) applications across the city, starting in the fast-growing Las Vegas Medical District, a centerpiece of the city’s ambitious Five Year Capital Improvement Plan. 

Pervasive AI is the type of infrastructure upgrade designed to help bring new businesses to Las Vegas and set a precedent for other cities globally, showcasing the potential of edge computing and AI in transforming urban landscapes.

Smart City Applications and Services

Services that the City of Las Vegas seeks to introduce first include:

  • Pervasive AI at the Edge: Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform will harness the power of AI to process data closer to its source, reducing latency and ensuring real-time responses. This will empower Las Vegas to deploy applications that require instantaneous decision-making, from traffic management to public safety.
  • Advanced Computer Vision: With the integration of computer vision, the City of Las Vegas will be able to analyze video feeds in real-time, enabling applications such as crowd monitoring, predictive maintenance of public utilities, and enhanced security measures.
  • Private 5G Implementation: The Kinetic Grid platform will also feature a private 5G network, ensuring secure and high-speed connectivity for all edge applications. This will pave the way for the City of Las Vegas to introduce next-generation services and applications that demand high bandwidth and low latency.

The City of Las Vegas has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to enhance the lives of its residents and visitors. Partnering with Vapor IO to bring pervasive AI to the edge is a significant step in their journey to become a truly smart city.

Impact to the City

In 2021, Vapor IO first announced its partnership with the City of Las Vegas, centered around our Industry 4.0 zone (INZONE™) program. The program was launched with companies that include Amazon Web Services, Lenovo, and VMware using Vapor IO’s platform to deliver intelligence to within microseconds of the point of use, enabling true near-premises Industry 4.0 applications that don’t require on-premises data centers.

At the same time, Vapor IO commissioned Tolaga Research to produce a Total Economic Impact report that is available for free download. This report projects Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform and INZONE programs to contribute $115.8 Billion in total economic impact over the next 10 years.

Vapor IO’s INZONE program stimulates economic development by bringing infrastructure and solutions to municipalities across the nation. Cities are adopting INZONE to help diversify the tax base and increase their competitiveness. By virtue of the infrastructure being deployed Las Vegas, for example, local businesses will have a fast path to Industry 4.0 automation and competitiveness. Industries from tourism to healthcare to manufacturing will now have the ability to use cloud economics and shared infrastructure in Las Vegas to reduce the cost and complexity of deploying next-generation applications, which will provide incentives for businesses to move to Las Vegas or expand in Las Vegas if they are already there.

Going Global

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid infrastructure is available in 35 U.S. cities. We also have a prototype expansion to the EU in Barcelona via a partnership with Cellnex. As cities around the world look to modernize their infrastructure and services, the integration of AI at the edge becomes paramount. Vapor IO’s collaboration with the City of Las Vegas offers a testament to the Kinetic Grid, providing cities with the tools they need to become smarter, safer, and more efficient.

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