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Control and understand your data center through this open API

cURL-able RESTful API icon

cURL-able RESTful API

Simple, cURL-able interface for monitoring and controlling your data center.

Monitoring and Control icon

Monitoring and Control

Open platform gives you a single,organized view data center hardware, software and environmental characteristics.

PLC / IPMI Support icon

PLC / IPMI Support

An evolutionary upgrade over the decades-old IPMI standard; legacy and modern protocols combine in this open standard.

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Safe and Secure

Securable via TLS/SSL and integrates with existing Auth providers.

Modern OPEN Solution

OpenDCRE provides a securable RESTful API for monitoring and controlling data center and IT equipment — via power line communications (PLC) over a DC bus bar, or via IPMI over LAN. The OpenDCRE API is easy to integrate into third-party monitoring, management and orchestration providers, while providing a simple, cURL-able interface for common and custom data center tasks.


  • Simple cURL-able RESTful API
  • Analog and digital sensor support (including temperature, thermistor, humidity, fan speed, pressure).
  • Power control and status, including power consumption and power supply.
  • Asset information for servers.
  • Physical and chassis location awareness.
  • Fan speed control and status.
  • Chassis “identify” LED control and status.
  • System boot target selection (hdd, pxe).
  • Securable via TLS/SSL.
  • Integration with existing Auth providers (OAuth, LDAP, AD, etc.).
  • IPMI Bridge – all OpenDCRE commands can use IPMI 2.0 over LAN as transport layer.
  • Redfish support  – all OpenDCRE commands can use Redfish over LAN as transport layer.
  • Easy to read and parse JSON responses to API queries.
  • Fully extensible via open source Github repos.

Power Request Example (RESTful API)


Power Response Example (JSON)

  "input_power": 237.3, 
  "over_current": false, 
  "power_ok": true, 
  "power_status": "on"


LED Request Example (RESTful API)


LED Response Example (JSON)

  "led_state": "off"

Get Started Using OpenDCRE Today!

“Romonet has long believed that data center power, cooling infrastructure, IT hardware and applications must come together to eliminate inefficient interface boundaries,” said Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of Romonet. “Additionally, the industry needs a system processor and operating system that is able to manage such a tightly coupled system, taking advantage of predictive and simulation modeling. OpenDCRE provides that operating system and enables the evolution of the data center to meet the challenges of the 21st century marketplace head on.”

Zahl Limbuwala

CEO, Romonet

“For 10 years, Future Facilities has been providing engineering simulation to the data center industry. Ours is a predictive system that can simulate any scenario to help maximize the performance in terms of efficiency, capacity usage, and resilience.

One of the main challenges has been gathering reliable data from disparate systems and devices that do not share the same interface and feeding back actionable data. We support OpenDCRE because we believe such an open environment will enable any hardware and software to communicate, the only way to achieve effective management and automation of data centers.”

Jonathan Leppard

COO, Future Facilities

“Our industry is constantly evolving. It’s important that we recognize that there is more to a data center than the building. Customers both old and new are now asking how we can help them achieve business goals which is a very different conversation than needing space, power and cooling. OpenDCRE is one of those technologies that comes along every now and again and completely changes the way our customers are able to manage their server fleets.”

Chris Yetman

COO, Vantage Data Centers

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