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Location. Location. Location.

Combine your land and infrastructure with the Kinetic Edge and help deliver the industry’s only complete solution for edge computing.
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Land and Infrastructure Owners at the Kinetic Edge

The Kinetic Edge depends on real estate in key locations, ideally with existing communications infrastructure. Land and infrastructure owners can partner with Vapor IO to build Kinetic Edge sites, creating a valuable asset that will form the bedrock of the internet for many years to come. Land and infrastructure owners are well-positioned to benefit from the nationwide expansion of the Kinetic Edge, as the Kinetic Edge becomes the platform for the next-generation internet.

Incremental Revenue

Locating Kinetic Edge assets at existing locations can create new revenue streams for tower owners, building owners, and other real-estate-based businesses. 

Location, Location, Location

Locations close to large numbers of users are ideal, but many other places that may seem unorthodox are great locations for Kinetic Edge sites too.

Environmental Impact

Kinetic Edge sites are designed to have a low environmental impact. They do not require a water supply or much external air, unlike traditional data centers.

Quick Deployment

A Kinetic Edge site can be deployed very quickly, even within a day in some cases, and can then be operated remotely. It all adds up to a low impact.

Get Closer

The internet is changing. Autonomous driving, augmented reality, large-scale IoT and other emerging applications can’t be satisfied by the infrastructure we have today. They need the lowest total latency combined with the power of a distributed cloud, all at the network edge. The Kinetic Edge is the solution. Other attempts at solving for the new internet are outdated, incomplete and expensive.

Only the Kinetic Edge can create a single virtual data center at a city-wide scale, bringing your applications to where they need to be: closer than ever before. By using powerful infrastructure edge computing technologies, the Kinetic Edge combines the power of the cloud with the locality of edge computing, making demanding real-time applications such as autonomous vehicles and augmented reality practical, not just possible.

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