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The third act of the internet needs edge exchange. Use the Kinetic Edge Exchange and software-defined meet-me rooms in every Kinetic Edge data center to peer and exchange data between networks to enable new edge services, flexibility and cost savings.
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Today’s regional Internet Exchanges (IXs) need a way to peer and exchange data in low-latency locations much closer to the end users and devices. An edge exchange solves this problem, complementing existing IX infrastructure and allowing networks to exchange data in real-time without the data leaving a metropolitan area. The Kinetic Edge Exchange is the first true edge exchange. By using the edge colocation and API-based edge networking on the Kinetic Edge, the Kinetic Edge Exchange enables new low-latency, low-cost services.

As an edge exchange, the Kinetic Edge Exchange works in concert with any traditional internet exchanges. Through the Kinetic Edge Fabric, any traffic which is destined for off-edge locations is sent to the closest internet exchange. This means you get fast, local edge exchange where possible and high-performance, redundant internet exchange where required, based on your unique business requirements, as well as your own cost, flexibility and performance needs.

Whether you need to interconnect with network operators, cloud providers, CDNs, applications or regional data centers, the Kinetic Edge and its Kinetic Edge Exchange has you covered.

Local Edge Exchange

Each Kinetic Edge site includes a meet-me room, bringing the Kinetic Edge Exchange as close as possible to you, your users, and the networks you care about most to let you build the next generation of high-performance, cost-effective services.

High-performance Connectivity

Kinetic Edge sites in a region are interconnected with high-speed redundant fiber supporting under 1 ms latency between sites. The Kinetic Edge Exchange builds on this foundation, providing low-latency edge exchange services at each site.


The Kinetic Edge Exchange is automatable and API-driven, allowing you to remotely and rapidly configure your virtual cross connections to the networks you care about the most based on your evolving, real-time business requirements.

Architected for Edge

Vapor IO has built the Kinetic Edge and the Kinetic Edge Exchange from the foundation up to create the next generation of local internet infrastructure. Local and robust edge exchanges are a cornerstone of the third act of the internet.

The Edge Is A Network Problem

At its inception, the internet relied on a few centralized points to operate. As it developed, the internet spread further outwards, into regional facilities and CDNs. Now, these two acts have brought us to the third act of the internet, where the challenges we face now need the edge.

New devices, networks and applications such as autonomous vehicles, city-scale IoT and new generations of intelligent content delivery need dense edge data center colocation resources to support their low-latency performance requirements, as well as their cost and flexibility needs. Bringing compute, storage and network resources to the edge solves for data gravity, as more and more data is generated and digested at the network edge, closer than ever to its users.

But edge colocation alone isn’t enough. The edge is a network problem, requiring an entirely new approach to internet infrastructure. That’s why Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge also incorporates unique SDN-based edge exchange and edge networking technologies, eliminating unnecessary latency between user and application to create the next generation of internet infrastructure.

Manage & Monitor


Control and monitor your deployments at the Kinetic Edge with Vapor IO’s web-based portal, which gives you everything you need to plan, manage and oversee your presence at the Kinetic Edge no matter the scale. Check equipment status, configure your network, file trouble tickets, and even schedule maintenance windows. This is your all-in-one tool for operating at the edge.

Remote Hands

Use our Remote Hands service to send skilled personnel to any of our Kinetic Edge locations. Our local in-region technicians will perform remote work at your direction, whether it’s hand rebooting a machine or swapping out a server. Monitor their progress remotely as needed.


Monitor and control your equipment and its environment with our APIs. Build automated operational tools to troubleshoot and respond to real-time conditions. Integrate with tools such as Slack and PagerDuty to send alerts and notifications to your team for analysis and response.

Solving For The Edge

The Kinetic Edge is the only solution truly solving for the edge. Vapor IO’s advanced proprietary technologies for edge exchange, edge colocation and edge networking allow the Kinetic Edge to support applications and users that are impossible to satisfy today, with its full-coverage solution for the edge. Solving for the edge is a network problem, and the Kinetic Edge is the solution.

Each element of the Kinetic Edge is purpose-built for the challenges we face in creating the next tier of local internet infrastructure to make the third act of the internet a reality. This is an internet that’s local in scope but global in impact, bringing applications, resources and networks as close as possible to their users, moving the internet beyond its regional presence to create the future.

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