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Plan a Strategic Workshop

Collaborate with us to design a deep-dive Kinetic Grid Readiness workshop where your team can learn about the Kinetic Grid and how it can support your applications and business goals. Whether you’re a telco deploying 5G or an enterprise looking to accelerate your digital transformation, we’ll custom-design a workshop specific to your use case and bring in the experts to help make it a reality.

Plan a Strategic Workshop

Learn from the Experts

Vapor IO has been a leader in edge computing for the past five years and we are experts in edge computing, 5G wireless services, the grid and Open Grid applications. We design workshops that bring the experts to you, including the engineers and business model planners who have personally designed and built Vapor IO’s platforms and understand all aspects of edge and grid applications.

Complete Readiness Workshop

Our discussions start with an analysis of your desired outcomes, then we collaborate with you to build a roadmap specifically centered on your technology challenges and business goals. Your workshop will provide a deep-dive analysis and deliver an implementation plan that leverages the Kinetic Grid for your applications.

Workshop session can include:

Workshops are paid engagements to drive strategic business and technical planning. They are offered as half day or full day workshops, depending on your business needs.

Concrete and Practical

Vapor IO workshops are geared to deliver practical outcomes, efficiently. During the engagement, our engineers and businesspeople will co-create a strategy with you and help engage the right ecosystem partners to meet your timelines. We will discuss the best approaches to network topologies, colocation strategies and ways to integrate intelligence and automation into your applications based on your requirements.

When your workshop completes, you will have the knowledge you need to implement your application and use cases on the Kinetic Grid.
Plan a Strategic Workshop

Workshop Sessions Can Include

Workshop Outcomes

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The State of the Edge

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The State of the Edge report is the go-to resource to understand edge computing in the industry today, and is created by experts in the field. Covering edge computing terminology, architecture, technologies, applications and futures, don’t miss your chance to read it now.


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