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checkmark_edgeVapor Edge provides hyper-local data and compute with 2-10ms latency

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The world’s most cost-effective end-to-end platform for building out IoT and edge environments.

Today’s Edge Architecture is too SLOW!

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Today’s centralized data centers require time-consuming round trips that are slow.

Today’s centralized data centers cannot deliver on modern applications such as IoT and virtual and augmented reality.

There is an emerging class of applications—including IoT, virtual and augmented reality, and mobile apps—where centralized data centers simply won’t work because compute, storage, and network capacity need to be near the application or device.

Vapor Edge solves this problem by putting cloud capabilities at the edge of the network. Vapor Edge substantially speeds up interactions, removing latency and reducing network and compute load back to centralized data centers.

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Introducing Vapor Edge & IoT Cloud Architecture

Vapor Edge consists of patented hardware designs, such as the Vapor Chamber, as well as tightly-coupled software, including Vapor CORE and Vapor Compass, for remote operation and workload management.

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Vapor Chamber

Energy-efficient server racking and enclosure system that is ideal for remote operation in harsh edge environments.

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Vapor OpenDCRE

Open source protocol created by Vapor IO for monitoring and responding to data center hardware, software and environmental characteristics in hybrid and edge environments.

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Vapor CORE

Software to remotely monitor and administer Vapor Edge environments. Vapor CORE ingests hardware telemetry in real time, and provides operators with a GUI and an API for manual and automated control of edge capabilities.

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Vapor Compass

Software to build highly-automated command-and-control policies for optimizing workloads in edge environments. Vapor Compass makes real-time optimization decisions, including rescheduling workloads onto different edge nodes.

Vapor Edge cloud

Vapor IO is building the cloud of the future.

Vapor IO provides the industry’s first intelligent, hybrid and edge data center solutions. Significantly lowering capex and opex costs when building and running data driven data centers, Vapor IO provides integrated hardware and software solutions to hybrid and edge clouds. Eliminating complex structures and parking lot data centers, Vapor IO offers a true intelligence platform for modern data center workloads.

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