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Enabling New Digital Business

Digital Realty and Vapor IO are partnering to make new edge-to-core and core-to-edge workflows possible.


Digital Realty, a leading global provider of data center colocation and interconnection solutions is partnering with Vapor IO, creators of the Kinetic Edge to offer an edge-to-core continuum for dynamic application workloads using the Kinetic Edge Exchange to provide software-defined interconnection and data exchange between the Kinetic Edge and Digital Realty facilities.

Digital Realty

Digital Realty is a leading global provider of data center colocation and interconnection solutions. They are partnered with Vapor IO to use the Kinetic Edge to enable new services.

Kinetic Edge Exchange

The Kinetic Edge Exchange enables new edge-to-core and core-to-edge workflows between Digital Realty and Vapor locations nationwide.

Vapor IO

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge and Kinetic Edge Exchange interoperates with Digital Realty’s platforms and services, first in Chicago and Atlanta, to enable unique edge and core interoperation.

Beginning with Chicago and Atlanta, this partnership allows businesses to elastically burst their critical workloads from core to edge and back again to support their evolving needs and new business processes. New generations of applications and workflows are now possible with a solution that spans from edge to core and integrates the capabilities of both platforms together.

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