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Workload Management and Automation for Hybrid and Edge Cloud

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Simple or Complex

Designed for environments ranging in size and scope from a single rack to thousands of physically distinct locations.

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Public & Private

Works with private infrastructure as well as public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

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Build complex policies for workload placement and optimization using key parameters that include latency, location, performance and cost.

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Hybrid & Edge

Specifically optimized for workloads that span public/private clouds—including hybrid, multi-cloud, and emerging edge environments.

Highly-Automated Command-and-Control for Your Data Center or Cloud

Operators use Vapor Compass to build highly-automated command-and-control policies for optimizing workloads in hybrid and edge environments. Vapor Compass can evaluate key parameters, including latency, cost, security and privacy, then make real-time optimization decisions, including rescheduling workloads onto different machines, onto different edge nodes or onto different centralized or regional data centers.

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Cloud operators, telcos and enterprises use Vapor Compass to get more out of their infrastructure and deliver new applications and services at lower cost and higher performance.

Lower Cost

Use Vapor Compass to optimize workload placement for cost. Vapor Compass can evaluate the cost of running workloads (on cloud or on prem)—down to the individual machine or VM—and schedule workloads to reduce overall cost.

Increase Performance

Vapor Compass can understand and evaluate an application’s real time latency, then invoke policies that place and relocate workloads to ensure network and application throughput

Deliver new Applications

In the world of IoT and mobile applications, Vapor Compass can be used to schedule workloads in hybrid and edge environments to support the unique SLAs of new applications, such as AR/VR, IoT sensors and autonomous driving.

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