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Cellular 5G At The Kinetic Edge

To enable true next-generation experiences, 5G needs to go beyond the wireless network. The Kinetic Edge is the infrastructure foundation 5G needs to achieve optimal performance and cost, at scale.
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Enabling True 5G

The Kinetic Edge brings the power of edge computing to wireless 5G, providing the ideal colocation and interconnection environment to upgrade cellular network infrastructure with cloud servers operating a virtualized RAN and extensive Network Function Virtualization.

By eliminating the capital costs of building data centers as well as reducing latency and costly backhaul, Vapor IO’s nationwide Kinetic Edge network of tower-connected edge data centers helps telecom network operators accelerate their deployment of 5G.

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge provides a nationwide network of micro data centers deployed at the edge of the wireless network. By colocating your servers, data storage and network resources in Vapor IO’s tower-connected facilities, the Kinetic Edge provides the foundation 5G networks need to deliver new experiences.



The Kinetic Edge brings the power of the centralized cloud to the edge of the wireless network, through a nationwide network of powerful tower-connected micro data centers. As the only tower-connected network of edge data centers deployed today, the Kinetic Edge is uniquely positioned physically and in the market to provide the optimum platform to 5G network operators.

Lowest Latency

5G networks will usher in a wave of new real-time applications, with use cases such as autonomous vehicles, AR/VR and high-precision remote surgery. But for these applications to become practical, not just possible, applications need to receive the lowest possible latency. The Kinetic Edge hosts these applications at local tower-connected sites, as close as possible.  


Vapor IO’s colocation business model reduces capital and operating expenses for operators. Multitenant facilities create economies of scale and Vapor IO’s data center footprint speeds time to market. Focus on delivering 5G services, not on building data centers.

Shortest RAN to WAN

By positioning powerful data center resources at the edge of the 5G wireless network, the Kinetic Edge provides the fastest possible route between your users at the RAN and the applications they want on the WAN. Each Kinetic Edge site can provide efficient interconnection to the internet and to other cloud partners, eliminating the need for expensive and inefficient routing.

Distributed and Resilient

Through our distributed Kinetic Edge architecture, not only are you able to serve workloads as close as possible to their users, but the enter Kinetic Edge system is protected with meshed fiber connectivity and fast failover. Each Kinetic Edge site is powered from a separate electrical substation, and our list of over one hundred site selection criteria ensures scaled redundancy.

The Software-Defined Network Operator

Forward-thinking network operators are moving beyond the old model of fixed-function network hardware. To support emerging technologies such as 5G economically, NFV, C-RAN and SDN all play key roles in the design, deployment and operation of a modern network.

5G technologies allow network operators to remain competitive by adapting and improving their networks without the constraints of the past. However, 5G requires powerful compute, data storage and network resources at the edge. By using the Kinetic Edge as the foundation for a 5G network infrastructure, operators can quickly deploy dense, high-performance resources positioned right at the network edge.

Colocation and Interconnection

Deploy servers at Kinetic Edge locations, using any platform including ARM, x86 or GPUs. By colocating across Kinetic Edge sites, operators can focus on upgrading their networks, not building data centers.

Seamless Visibility

The Kinetic Edge Portal gives you an accurate view of all Kinetic Edge sites complete with detailed status information whenever you need it, from wherever you are.

Automation and Control

Through the Kinetic Edge Portal and API control, automate the operation of the network at the Kinetic Edge. Even interconnection can be managed remotely in real-time.

Software-defined Adaptability

The 5G network of tomorrow will not look like the network of today. New services need new service chains, and the rate of change is increasing. The Kinetic Edge lets you flexibly grow or change your network in the future.

New Investment Models

The high-performance, low-latency infrastructure provided by the Kinetic Edge replaces the old, static models of investment in network infrastructure. Rather than expensively deploying proprietary data center facilities, take advantage of the Kinetic Edge instead.

As a network operator, the cost to deploy and operate a new site can be prohibitive. With the Kinetic Edge, innovative new business models such as 5GaaS (5G as a Service) become possible, allowing operators to lease much of their network infrastructure, paying as they grow.

The shared infrastructure of the Kinetic Edge combined with new investment models such as 5GaaS, dramatically reduces the CAPEX required for a modern network operator to upgrade to 5G and new revenue-generating services. Leverage the Kinetic Edge to generate revenue from the network with a fraction of the initial financial outlay required by the traditional network deployment models of today.



Get Closer

5G will unleash a new class of low-latency edge applications, including autonomous driving, augmented reality, large-scale IoT and other exciting services. These applications can’t be satisfied by the infrastructure in place today. They need the lowest total latency combined with the power of a distributed cloud, all at the network edge. The Kinetic Edge is the solution.

Only the Kinetic Edge can create a single virtual data center at a city-wide scale, bringing applications to where they need to be: closer than ever before. By using powerful infrastructure edge computing technologies, the Kinetic Edge combines the power of the cloud with the locality of edge computing, making demanding real-time applications such as autonomous vehicles and augmented reality both practical and possible.

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