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CDN and Cloud Providers at the Kinetic Edge

The cloud and CDNs of tomorrow will be built from low-latency services running at the edge of the network
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Make the Kinetic Edge Your Foundation

Whether you’re providing content delivery or cloud services, one thing is clear: to meet the demands of your users, you need to be at the edge. By using the Kinetic Edge as the platform for your CDN and cloud services, you can get all the way there.

Save bandwidth costs, improve performance and deliver new services with the Kinetic Edge, the platform for the next-generation internet.

At the Wireless Edge

Colocate your servers and caches at the Kinetic Edge and bring the power of your cloud or CDN to the edge of the network, one hop from the major wireless carriers.

City-Scale Networking

Deploy your equipment to multiple sites—Kinetic Edge nodes and third-party data centers—then mesh them together with our advanced software-defined networking.

Highly-Secure Multitenant

The Kinetic Edge offers multiple layers of physical and logical security. Your equipment is isolated from other tenants and only accessible via secure authentication.

Flexible and Dynamic

Why build your own data centers when you can lease ours? Migrate services to the exact place where you need them to be, and benefit from the flexibility of powerful infrastructure at the edge.

The Benefits of Kinetic Edge

The Kinetic Edge lets cloud providers and CDNs extend their presence with the locality of edge computing, making application placement, content delivery and data ingest more reliable, robust and low-latency. The Kinetic Edge also creates new opportunities for real-time applications such as autonomous vehicles and augmented reality.

Improved Delivery of Content & Data

By pushing compute and storage to the edge of the wireless network, cloud providers and CDNs can vastly improve their ability to deliver content and data. Placing servers and storage closer to users and devices reduces latency. Having more distributed nodes reduces congestion.

New Cloud & CDN Services

Offer premium-priced products that utilize edge resources, including edge VMs, edge container services and serverless functions on the edge. Build edge nodes into complex multi-stage toolchains for IoT, data ingestion and data delivery.

New Edge Applications

Cloud providers and CDNs can capture additional business by supporting emerging applications with the Kinetic Edge, including high-speed mobile gaming, autonomous driving, untethered AR/VR and Industrial IoT.

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