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Amazon Web Services at the Kinetic Edge

Vapor IO and Crown Castle are bringing Amazon Web Services (AWS) to the Kinetic Edge, making innovative and high-performance applications that span from core to edge not just possible, but practical.
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Build True Core to Edge Applications

Every day, millions of developers use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create innovative applications that solve real-world challenges, using the full power and capabilities of the AWS ecosystem. By utilizing Crown Castle’s Cloud Connect fiber, we are connecting the Kinetic Edge, the leading edge colocation solution, directly to AWS to create a powerful platform for mobile edge applications.

The Kinetic Edge is the foundation for the next-generation internet, and this direct, high-speed interconnection with AWS using Crown Castle’s Cloud Connect fiber is another stage in the ongoing evolution of infrastructure edge computing. Now applications that need the low-latency, real-time performance of the Kinetic Edge combined with the bulk storage and compute power of the centralized cloud can function seamlessly, utilizing the unique advantages of each site.

Why the Kinetic Edge?

Improved Delivery of Content & Data

By pushing compute and storage to the edge of the wireless network, developers can vastly improve their ability to deliver content and data. Placing servers and storage closer to users and devices reduces latency. Having more distributed nodes reduces congestion.

Core to Edge Services

Offer premium-priced products that utilize edge resources, including edge VMs, edge container services and serverless functions on the edge. Build edge nodes into complex multi-stage toolchains for IoT, data ingestion and data delivery.

New Edge Applications

Developers can capture additional business by supporting emerging applications with the Kinetic Edge, including high-speed mobile gaming, autonomous driving, untethered AR/VR and Industrial IoT.


The Kinetic Edge is a nationwide network of edge data centers. Chicago, the first Kinetic Edge city, has two Kinetic Edge sites online today with a third to come online shortly, and with more to follow. The first six Kinetic Edge rollouts are planned for the following cities:


  • Chicago
  • Pittsburgh
  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle

Vapor IO and its Kinetic Edge Alliance partners seek to establish critical mass for nationwide edge computing, by targeting the top 30 US metro markets for Kinetic Edge deployment, covering nearly 50% of the US population. And we’re just getting started.


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