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Application Providers at the Kinetic Edge

From web scale apps to business SaaS to autonomous driving—every application can benefit from low-latency services running at the edge of the network.
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Build Better Applications with the Kinetic Edge
Serving the billions of devices and petabytes of data expected on the Internet by 2020 will be impossible with the antiquated cloud and network infrastructure in use today. The Kinetic Edge gets your applications and services closer to the users and devices, making it possible to build high-performance, low-latency applications from autonomous driving to real-time mobile games. By operating your application from the Kinetic Edge, you can achieve performance and cost improvements that are simply impossible with outdated infrastructure relying on centralized cloud data centers alone. The Kinetic Edge is the platform for the next-generation internet.

Build New Edge Applications

Build edge native applications designed exclusively for edge to serve emerging needs and novel use cases—from autonomous vehicles to untethered AR/VR.

Enhance Existing Applications with Edge

Extend existing applications with edge services to handle low-latency requirements, provide edge data ingestion, edge data locality or other similar enhancements.

Adapt in Real Time

Use telemetry from the Synse API to make real time decisions about app behavior, responding to environmental conditions such as network congestion and mobile user migration across cell sites.

Distributed and Powerful

The Kinetic Edge can provide the power of the cloud right at the network edge. By distributing services across many Kinetic Edge nodes, applications can achieve optimal performance and reduce their chance of failure.


The Kinetic Edge empowers application developers to to build new applications that take advantage of the locality and cost benefits of edge computing, as well as enhance existing applications.

Improve Application Performance

Achieve 5-10ms end-to-end response rates by pushing application services to the edge of the network, closer to the users. Deliver high-speed experiences, such as real-time gaming and server-side AR rendering. Support IoT and data ingestion at machine speeds.

Respond to the Environment

Tap into our Kinetic Edge APIs to build intelligence and automation around real time environmental congestions. A cell tower too congested? Move the workload to an adjacent node. Have a node go down? Reroute traffic to another site. Automatically.

Deliver Around New Services

The Kinetic Edge opens up the opportunity to build new services that were previously impossible or cost-prohibitive. This includes autonomous vehicles, real-time mobile gaming, and untethered AR/VR.

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