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A Virtualized 5G Network is an Edge Cloud with Radios Attached

Think beyond the RAN and create a truly virtualized 5G network with the Kinetic Edge
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Enabling 5G

5G is unlike any previous generation of cellular communications. NFV, SDN and VRAN have all pushed key network functions into software that must be run at extremely low and predictable latency, each handling large amounts of complex data for signal processing and other functions.

The Kinetic Edge enables 5G by providing microsecond-scale fronthaul connectivity between the tower and small cell sites hosting 5G radio equipment and the Kinetic Edge micro data centers hosting both the virtualized RAN and 5G core network, whether data or control plane.

By eliminating the capital costs of building data centers as well as reducing latency and costly backhaul, Vapor IO’s nationwide Kinetic Edge network of tower-connected edge data centers helps telecom network operators accelerate their deployment of 5G, greenfield or brownfield, including automated edge traffic offload and interconnection using the Kinetic Edge Exchange.

One of the most difficult aspects of designing, deploying and operating a virtualized 5G network is supporting the stringent fronthaul latency and bandwidth requirements that this architecture imposes. Many 5GNR radio units generate 20 Gbps of traffic with latency needs below 100 μs.

To make this virtualized RAN practical, the 5G network operator requires dense edge data center colocation sites within 10-15 km of their radio unit sites, connected together with a high-speed fiber network that provides the necessary performance, reliability and flexibility.

Through the Kinetic Edge Fabric and the Kinetic Edge data center sites distributed across each metropolitan area, the Kinetic Edge solves this challenge for the 5G network operator. Now both virtualized BBU as well as 5GC data and control plane functions can operate right at the edge.


The Kinetic Edge solves the fronthaul challenge for 5G network operators



The Kinetic Edge brings the power of the centralized cloud to the edge of the wireless network, through a nationwide network of powerful tower-connected micro data centers. As the only tower-connected network of edge data centers deployed today, the Kinetic Edge is uniquely positioned to provide the optimum platform to 5G network operators for network deployment.

Lowest Latency

5G networks will usher in a wave of new real-time applications, with use cases such as autonomous vehicles, AR/VR and high-precision remote surgery. But for these applications to become practical, not just possible, applications need the lowest possible latency. The Kinetic Edge hosts these applications at local tower-connected sites, as close as possible to users.


Vapor IO’s edge colocation and network services reduce capital and operating expenses for 5G operators. Multitenant facilities create economies of scale, and the Kinetic Edge’s deployed footprint speeds time to market. Focus on delivering 5G services, not on building data centers.

Shortest RAN to WAN

Through its high-performance fronthaul and midhaul network architecture combined with many distributed edge data center sites, the Kinetic Edge provides the fastest possible route between your users at the RAN and the applications they want. Additionally by using the Kinetic Edge Exchange, each of these sites can provide efficient interconnection to the internet and to other cloud, network or content partners, eliminating the need for expensive and inefficient transport.

Distributed and Resilient

Through our distributed Kinetic Edge architecture, not only are you able to serve workloads as close as possible to their users, but the entire Kinetic Edge system is protected with meshed fiber connectivity and fast failover. We enable real-time software-based workload resilience between sites, and our list of two hundred site selection criteria ensures scaled redundancy.

New Investment Models

The high-performance, low-latency infrastructure provided by the Kinetic Edge replaces the old, static models of investment in your network infrastructure. Rather than expensively deploying proprietary data center facilities, take advantage of the Kinetic Edge instead, all as a service.

The Edge Is A Network Problem

At its inception, the internet relied on a few centralized points to operate. As it developed, the internet spread further outwards, into regional facilities and CDNs. Now, these two acts have brought us to the third act of the internet, where the challenges we face now need the edge.

New devices, networks and applications such as autonomous vehicles, city-scale IoT and new generations of intelligent content delivery need dense edge data center colocation resources to support their low-latency performance requirements, as well as their cost and flexibility needs. Bringing compute, storage and network resources to the edge solves for data gravity, as more and more data is generated and digested at the network edge, closer than ever to its users.

But edge colocation alone isn’t enough. The edge is a network problem, requiring an entirely new approach to internet infrastructure. That’s why Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge also incorporates unique SDN-based edge exchange and edge networking technologies, eliminating unnecessary latency between user and application to create the next generation of internet infrastructure.

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