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Introducing OpenDCRE 1.2

the First True DevOps Platform for Physical Infrastructure


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The simple & modern API that is an evolutionary step forward over the decades-old IPMI standard.

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Founded by industry veterans with deep domain expertise in data centers, open source and infrastructure management.

Vapor IO has introduced the world’s first hyper collapsed and truly data defined data center solution ready to lead our industry towards embracing the knowledge economy. Through our open source hardware and software, we’ve made the disaggregated data center a reality.


The Open Data Center Runtime Environment (OpenDCRE) is the simple and modern API that is an evolutionary step forward over the decades old IPMI standard.  OpenDCRE allows for simple and rapid integration with a wide array of management tools used across the data center industry.

OpenDCRE is designed to support any data center environment including traditional 19″ as well as HPE Cloudline and other OCP platforms. In optimal conditions, OpenDCRE replaces the need for a BMC, out of band management switches, and cabling overhead potentially saving users thousands of dollars per rack. Additional features of the product include SSL support, analog sensor and power control all communicating over a simple RESTful API.

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Vapor CORE

Vapor CORE extends OpenDCRE functionality by introducing an intelligence layer on top of OpenDCRE, both north and south of the rack. Vapor CORE delivers an unrivaled experience when it comes to delivering a data driven data center. Imagine being able to gather critical environment metrics over standard REST APIs that you can then plug into your workload automation / workload orchestration engine of choice.

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The Vapor Chamber

Most of the world’s data centers still run on coal with an efficiency rate of ~30%.  We don’t love the inefficiencies of hot aisle / cold aisle containment.  Why are we still spending 5 to 10 million dollars per megawatt to build data centers?  The Vapor Chamber collapses the model and offers a simple, repurposable superstructure with security and critical environments built in.

Inspired by Open Compute, the Vapor Chamber is designed for those looking to increase density and significantly lower capex/opex investments when deploying compute and storage resources for both remote and on premise/edge purposes.

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