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The world’s first energy-efficient rack and enclosure system designed for hybrid and edge environments.

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Higher Density

Twenty percent more space-efficient than a typical data center rack, Vapor Chambers are capable of enclosing 2,100 Watts per square foot.

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Rugged environments, such as cell phone towers and rooftops, are perfect locations for Vapor Chambers.

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Built-in power distribution, cooling and battery backup mean that data centers are easier to build and require less specialized equipment.

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Greater utilization, higher density and automation significantly reduce capex and opex costs in both centralized and edge environments.

The Most Efficient Way to Build and Operate Edge and Hybrid Data Centers


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Vapor Chamber is a self-contained, patented circular enclosure system for servers. It is designed to house equipment in a high-density way and is tightly integrated with Vapor IO software, including OpenDCRE, Vapor Compass and Vapor CORE.

Vapor Chambers are are ideal for both centralized and edge environments. They are capable of thriving in harsh conditions, such as in cell tower and rooftop installations, and are capable of remote operation.

The Vapor Chamber Revolutionizes Data Center Design

The most efficient data centers are being built with the patented Vapor Chamber. Vapor Chambers increase density, lower cost, and are ideally suited for a wide range of environments.

Vapor Chamber airflow model

Vapor Chambers are designed for those looking to increase density and significantly lower capex/opex investments when deploying compute and storage resources for both remote and on premise/edge purposes.

Power Factor > 0.97 typical
Output Voltage (Bus Bars) Adjustable range +12VDC to +13.2VDC
Power De-rating Due to Temperature Full power from 0 to 40 °C, derate output power by 2.5% per °C from 40 °C to 50 °C”
Storage Temperature -40C (-40F) to +55C (131F)
Battery Backup Time 90s maximum under full 25kW per rack x 6 load (User configurable)
Diameter 2.88m (9.45 ft.)
Height Height: 2.85m (9.5 ft.)
Spacing 1.82m (6 ft.) on all sides
Form Factor Open Compute Project Open Rack Compatible
Expansion 6 Vapor Innovation Areas (3 on each side)
Output Power 12VDC @ 25kW Delivered Via Bus Bars
Input Power 3 Phase 415-480VAC 50/60 Hz
Additional Features Leveling, Alignment, and Weight Distributing BaseCable Management and Quick Disconnect in Top All Front-Side Serviceability
Rack Level Monitoring/Control Vapor Edge Controller (VEC) Utilizing Bus Bar

Protected by U.S. Pat. 9532488 and U.S. Pat. D792390.  

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