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Vapor IO Delivers True Edge Computing with Project Volutus

Build Your Cloud of the Future with Vapor IO

Today’s newest applications—from processing IoT sensor data to AR/VR and autonomous driving—require a new kind of cloud. Partner with Vapor IO to build it.

Highly Distributed
Seamlessly extend your cloud across any number of data centers, cloud providers and regions.
Completely Automated
Dynamically manage your providers, equipment, workloads and data with no human intervention.
Impressively Efficient
Massively lower costs, increase utilization, and reduce latency. Deliver better experiences.
Hybrid & Edge
Effortlessly combine public, private and coloc assets in any geography, all the way to the edge.
The Future of the Cloud
“The cloud of the future will extend past today’s large, centralized data centers. The next generation cloud will follow your car. It will follow your phone. It will follow your sensors. It will be distributed and data driven and everywhere.” — Alan Bock, Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy, Crown Castle

The data center has literally become the center of your data

We are entering a new age of computing where industrial sensors generate petabytes of data, where applications—from self-driving cars to virtual reality—need response times measured in milliseconds. In this world, you need to drive your infrastructure with data. This is the world of Vapor IO.
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Autonomous Vehicles are Here, Just Not the Ones You Think

 The recent tragedy in Tempe, Arizona, where an autonomous Uber killed a pedestrian, has encouraged us to rethink the timeline for autonomous cars on our highways. Despite millions of dollars worth of equipment and a human driver behind the wheel, the Uber did not see...

Latest Vapor IO News

Hangar and Vapor IO to Deliver Autonomous Robotics at the Kinetic Edge

Real-time system includes new data sources that support autonomous drones, cars and robotics Austin, Texas – March 27, 2018 – Vapor IO, the leader in edge computing and edge data centers, and Hangar, the world’s first robotics-as-a-system data acquisition platform,...

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