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Wireless and Wireline Networks Extend, Optimize and Converge at the Kinetic Edge

Wireless and Wireline Networks Extend, Optimize and Converge at the Kinetic Edge
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Interconnection and Network Operation at the Kinetic Edge

Interconnection with other networks using the Kinetic Edge Exchange increases the value of all of your network assets, and enhances the user experience you are able to deliver to your users. Offload traffic to the edge before it burdens your middle mile and core networks, exchange data directly with content, applications and other networks at the edge, and enable new applications.

Modern networks can make sure of the powerful, distributed network infrastructure of the Kinetic Edge, combining edge colocation with edge exchange and edge networking like never before. Key network functions can operate at the Kinetic Edge with network function virtualization or physical devices, reducing the time and cost required to implement, scale and upgrade your vital middle mile network infrastructure while lowering your costs and enhancing performance.

Dynamic Edge Exchange

The Kinetic Edge Exchange, operating in each Kinetic Edge site, allows you to configure virtual cross connects to other networks quickly and remotely to preserve your network resources, get lower transport costs and improve your user experience while enabling new applications as well.

Network Convergence

Your network is what you do best. The Kinetic Edge doesn’t replace what you do, but it does augment your existing infrastructure and enable a new level of convergence between multiple networks both wireless and wireline, and the applications old and new that your users love.

Eased Investment

With the Kinetic Edge, the challenge of upfront investment in a network site is greatly eased. Utilize pay-as-you grow pricing along with new options for traffic offload directly at the edge to move your spend from CAPEX to OPEX, all the while enabling new classes of applications.

Decreased Network Congestion

By interconnecting with other network operators, content providers and applications at the edge, network operators can improve the user experience while reducing their transport costs and upstream network congestion. Get traffic off your network as fast as possible and onto the edge.

The Edge Is A Network Problem

At its inception, the internet relied on a few centralized points to operate. As it developed, the internet spread further outwards, into regional facilities and CDNs. Now, these two acts have brought us to the third act of the internet, where the challenges we face now need the edge.

New devices, networks and applications such as autonomous vehicles, city-scale IoT and new generations of intelligent content delivery need dense edge data center colocation resources to support their low-latency performance requirements, as well as their cost and flexibility needs. Bringing compute, storage and network resources to the edge solves for data gravity, as more and more data is generated and digested at the network edge, closer than ever to its users.

But edge colocation alone isn’t enough. The edge is a network problem, requiring an entirely new approach to internet infrastructure. That’s why Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge also incorporates unique SDN-based edge exchange and edge networking technologies, eliminating unnecessary latency between user and application to create the next generation of internet infrastructure.

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