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Deliver better service with the Kinetic Edge, the industry’s only complete solution for edge computing integrated into the wireless network.
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Network Operators at the Kinetic Edge

Modern networks such as 5G are reliant on powerful, distributed infrastructure at the edge like never before. Key network functions can operate natively on the Kinetic Edge, reducing the time and cost required to implement, scale and upgrade your vital network infrastructure.

Operators that incorporate the Kinetic Edge into their infrastructure can bring their network into the future by incorporating a flexible platform for accommodating new technologies such as NFV and C-RAN.

Distributed and Powerful

The Kinetic Edge brings the power of the centralized cloud to the edge of the network, letting you rely on true carrier-grade compute, storage and network.

Flexible Network Operation

As more key network functions are performed in software, the Kinetic Edge is the ideal platform as it provides the power of cloud with the locality of edge.

Eased Investment

With the Kinetic Edge, the challenge of upfront investment in a network site is greatly eased. Utilize pay-as-you grow pricing and see a faster ROI than ever.

Decreased Network Congestion

By peering and cross-connecting at the edge, carriers can improve network performance, reducing congestion with CDNs and local breakout.

Get Closer

The internet is changing. Autonomous driving, augmented reality, large-scale IoT and other emerging applications can’t be satisfied by the infrastructure we have today. They need the lowest total latency combined with the power of a distributed cloud, all at the network edge. The Kinetic Edge is the solution. Other attempts at solving for the new internet are outdated, incomplete and expensive.

Only the Kinetic Edge can create a single virtual data center at a city-wide scale, bringing your applications to where they need to be: closer than ever before. By using powerful infrastructure edge computing technologies, the Kinetic Edge combines the power of the cloud with the locality of edge computing, making demanding real-time applications such as autonomous vehicles and augmented reality practical, not just possible.

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