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Smart Networks at the Kinetic Edge

The Kinetic Edge SDN connects all of your edge locations flexibly and intelligently with their own private network.
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The Network that Matters is at the Edge

With Software-Defined Networking (SDN) at the Kinetic Edge, you can connect all of your Kinetic Edge locations via their own private network. Use our APIs or the Vapor Edge Portal to create real-time, virtual private networks that connect many data centers across a city-scale area. Manage and deploy as you want, with the security and isolation you need.

Vapor IO’s revolutionary Kinetic Edge platform uses proprietary SDN technology that allows you to flexibly configure private networks that connect your key locations in a region. For developers and operators, you can present a geographically-dispersed collection of data centers as if they were within a single facility with multiple availability zones.

Your Private Network

It’s your network. Your application won’t be affected by what others are doing so you can keep focusing on giving your users the best experience possible.

Infinitely Flexible

Configure your Kinetic Edge virtual private network to link all of your essential data center and colocation assets onto a single network. Not limited to Vapor IO facilities, you can configure your edge SDN to include other data centers in the area.

Security and Isolation

The Kinetic Edge platform offers a software-defined virtual private network to provide your application with the security and isolation it needs to operate worry-free.

Architected for Edge

Vapor IO’s Edge SDN has been purpose-built to provide flexibility, reliability and performance at the Kinetic Edge. Combined with our high-speed fiber and Kinetic Edge facilities, the Edge SDN unlocks the ability to deliver the most extreme low-latency applications.

A City-Scale Network

Only the Kinetic Edge offers integrated private network technology to connect all of your equipment across multiple data centers, letting you create a city-scale virtual data center with availability zones that span an entire metro region. Stitch together multiple Kinetic Edge nodes and distribute traffic, data and workloads for hyper-locality, load balancing and resilience in real time.


We built our Kinetic Edge networking technology to seamlessly bridge today’s legacy internet with the emerging, high-speed wireless edge. By colocating your servers within the wireless infrastructure and linking them together with software-defined networking, the Kinetic Edge gets your equipment and your workloads as close to end users as possible.

Managing & Monitoring


Provides a web-based platform for planning and managing your Kinetic Edge deployments. This is your all-in-one tool for operating at the edge.

Edge Interconnection

Combine the power of software defined networking with edge interconnection to create the ultimate in flexibility for connecting your edge resources to each other, to carriers, to public clouds and to local and remote data centers of your choosing.


Monitor and control your virtual LAN with our software defined networking APIs. Reconfigure and adapt your network on the fly to respond to changing environmental conditions.

Kinetic Edge Architecture

The Kinetic Edge is the only fully-realised solution for edge computing in the industry today. Vapor IO’s advanced proprietary technologies allow the Kinetic Edge to support applications and users that are impossible to satisfy today, with its full-coverage solution for the edge.

Every Kinetic Edge customer has private access to the Vapor Edge Portal, an intuitive web-based management and provisioning platform for distributed application workloads at the edge. The Vapor Edge Portal is your personal starting point to take your application all the way to the edge.

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