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Interconnection at the Kinetic Edge

Take advantage of edge meet-me rooms and software-defined networking to leverage low-latency connections to carrier networks, peering points, cloud providers and third-party data centers.
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Vapor IO’s edge interconnection services and edge meet-me rooms put your service on the highest performance on-ramp to the carriers, cloud providers, regional data centers and other places that matter. From major network operators and cloud service providers to web-scale applications or private infrastructure, you stay connected with the Kinetic Edge.

By interconnecting your service at the Kinetic Edge, you can achieve performance and cost improvements that are simply not possible with outdated infrastructure relying on regional interconnections and centralized cloud data centers alone. One hop from the wireless networks with direct fiber runs for backhaul, the Kinetic Edge is the platform for the next-generation internet.

Flexible Interconnection

The Kinetic Edge offers interconnections between multiple parties and locations using both physical and software-defined cross connects. Edge meet-me rooms, strategically integrated into the wireless infrastructure, benefit from one hop connections to carrier networks.

High-performance Connectivity

Kinetic Edge facilities in a region are inter-networked with the highest speed fiber, yielding sub 10ms latency between sites. Intelligent workload placement can ensure the shortest distances are used to connect your services to your customers and devices.


Tenants in Kinetic Edge facilities can use Vapor IO’s software-defined networking to remotely configure (and dynamically reconfigure) interconnections. As application demands evolve and business relationships change, you can be confident the Kinetic Edge will support your business.

Architected for Edge

Vapor IO’s edge interconnection services have been built from the ground up to support the unique demands of low latency edge computing. Edge meet-me rooms with direct access to carrier networks combines with software-defined networking delivers the most flexible system for edge interconnection.
The Nearer, The Better

Low latency applications such as autonomous driving, augmented reality, large-scale IoT and other emerging applications can’t be satisfied by the infrastructure we have today. They need the lowest total latency combined with the power of a distributed cloud, all at the network edge.

Manage & Monitor


Provides a web-based platform for planning and managing your Kinetic Edge deployments. This is your all-in-one tool for operating at the edge.

Edge Meet Me Room

Our edge Meet Me Rooms provide the physical facilities for cross-connecting in a carrier-neutral space. We offer interconnection bundled into our standard pricing so you can clearly understand your costs upfront.

Software Defined Networking

Beyond your physical interconnections, use our Software Defined Networking to reconfigure your interconnections on the fly and remotely, making it possible to switch between carriers, clouds and backhaul peering points without a physical truck roll.

Kinetic Edge Architecture
The Kinetic Edge is the only fully-realised solution for edge computing in the industry today. Vapor IO’s advanced proprietary technologies allow the Kinetic Edge to support applications and users that are impossible to satisfy today, with its full-coverage solution for the edge.

Every Kinetic Edge customer has private access to the Vapor Edge Portal, an intuitive web-based management and provisioning platform for distributed application workloads at the edge. The Vapor Edge Portal is your personal starting point to take your application all the way to the edge.

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