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The internet of tomorrow will be built from low-latency services running at the edge of the network
Vapor IO offers a new kind of colocation, powered by the Kinetic Edge. We deploy data centers deep into the wireless infrastructure to bring you the most extensive collection of interconnected edge colocation facilities.
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Vapor IO’s revolutionary Kinetic Edge colocation platform uses software and high-speed connectivity to combine multiple micro data centers into a single logical data center. For developers and operators, it presents a geographically-dispersed collection of micro data centers as if they were within a single facility with multiple availability zones.

City Scale Data Centers

Every Kinetic Edge city has multiple micro data centers arranged in a ring and spaced at 10-20 Kilometer increments. These Kinetic Edge nodes are then meshed together with high-speed fiber for load balancing, resilience and workload migration. By employing the Kinetic Edge’s software-defined networking, tenants can create VLANs that span multiple sites—both Vapor IO sites and third party sites— in order to create city-sized logical data centers with multiple availability zones.

Remotely Operable

Designed for autonomous lights out operation, each Kinetic Edge data center processes thousands of real-time data points to evaluate on-the-ground conditions. Vapor IO’s control center aggregates environmental data for global monitoring, troubleshooting and situational awareness. Vapor IO’s open source Synse telemetry system provides tenants with an API to access Kinetic Edge data streams as well as data from their installed IT equipment if desired.

Highly Redundant

By using software-driven failover and workload migration, Kinetic Edge tenants can achieve up to 12 nines of reliability by distributing risk across many sites. By picking strategic locations and using software resiliency, Kinetic Edge tenants can exceed the reliability of even the most modern Tier 4 data center. Leveraging the Kinetic Edge API, developers can build edge native applications that respond to changing environmental conditions in order to optimize resiliency and respond to real world events.

Seriously Secure

Each Kinetic Edge data center has multiple redundant layers of security, providing both physical and logical separation of tenants in the same facility. Vapor IO’s security system integrates with the most popular forms of corporate authentication, giving customers the ability to control access using their existing enterprise authorization systems. 24/7 remotely monitored security systems provide asset protection that meets or exceeds that of traditional manned data centers and the distributed nature of Kinetic Edge nodes also means it’s easier to isolate and quarantine attacks.
The Wireless Edge
Tightly-integrated with the wireless networks
We build our Kinetic Edge data centers at the base of cell towers and in nearby aggregation hubs in order to seamlessly bridge today’s legacy internet with the emerging, high-speed wireless edge. By integrating with the existing wireless infrastructure, Kinetic Edge data centers are optimally located near population centers. For the first time in history, it’s possible to get equipment and applications within milliseconds of hundreds of millions of end users and devices.


Control and monitor your equipment with Vapor IO’s web-based portal, which gives you everything you need to plan, manage and oversee your Kinetic Edge deployments. Check equipment status, configure your network, file trouble tickets, and even schedule maintenance. This is your all-in-one tool for operating at the edge.


Use our Remote Hands service to send skilled personnel to any of our Kinetic Edge locations. Our technicians will perform remote work at your direction, whether it’s hand rebooting a machine or swapping out a server.


Monitor and control your equipment and its environment with our APIs. Build automated operational tools to troubleshoot and respond to real-time conditions. Integrate with tools such as Slack and PagerDuty to send alerts that flag irregularities to your team for analysis and response.
Kinetic Edge Architecture
The Kinetic Edge is the only fully-realised solution for edge computing in the industry today. Vapor IO’s advanced proprietary technologies allow the Kinetic Edge to support applications and users that are impossible to satisfy today, with its full-coverage solution for the edge.

Every Kinetic Edge customer has private access to the Vapor Edge Portal, an intuitive web-based management and provisioning platform for distributed application workloads at the edge. The Vapor Edge Portal is your personal starting point to take your application all the way to the edge.

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